1. I’ve been having really bad stomach discomfort for over 6 months now I’ve been to the doctor a couple times they said I had low red blood cells or white blood cells I can’t remember but my stomach really doesn’t hurt it’s just really uncomfortable I was wondering do you think I have chs but I never throw up I just have stomach discomfort I got a colonoscopy today they still couldn’t find my problem but he did say it could be the weed what do u think I need help please ?

  2. Just got out of hospital, quitting green for a long time now….as much as i didnt want to believe it was the cause, hope you are feeling better now days bro…and very true we aren't alone going through it and change is a must! Respect bro

  3. For a while I’ve noticed I couldn’t eat unless I would smoke…the other day when I ran out of weed I started to get sick and vomiting etc. , and after some research I realized I also have chs. it’s been hard trying to quit because it feels like weed is the only thing making my stomach better. I went all day yesterday without smoking but today I cracked and puffed a little. Thanks for your video, I am seriously going to stop now. You are truly amazing thanks again

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