5 Things Nobody tells You Will Happen When You Quit Smoking

Everybody knows that when you quit smoking, the nicotine and carbon monoxide disappear out of your body, your risk of heart disease decreases, and you don’t …


  1. Hi chris. Thabks for the great video. Was smoking for 30yrs, 20 – 25 a day. Stopped only for 48hrs now. It's very hard, but I am trying this twsip que to help me never to touch a cigarette. I just had a grandson 3 months ago, and that's the main reason this big decision in my life. I also find watching videos on smoking a great help.

  2. Exactly
    Fully agreed with you…
    Specially the time I gained after quitting…
    I smocked 15 years ago.
    I quit almost one month ( cold turkey)
    I can feel the time i gain, health and less going to bathroom…

  3. Here’s how I quit……most of the day I was a non smoker with a smoking habit interrupting my non smoking day!
    Let’s face it u don’t have a cigarette in ur mouth more than u don’t so I already know how to be a non smoker because every time I wasn’t smoking until my next cigarette I was a non smoker.

    Meaning if I can be a non smoker for most of my day y can’t I be one for all of my day!
    So when I quit and I wanted a cigarette I just pretended I just took a long puff off of an imaginary cigarette and flicked an imaginary cigarette away and went back to my natural state of being a non smoker most of my day even when I was a smoker!

    Today I don’t even think about smoking and doesn’t even cross my mind.
    When I stopped smoking I never desired to drink coffee again for some reason and I don’t know y but I haven’t touched coffee ever again!

    Obtw I smoked for 30 years and it was so easy to quit (to this day I don’t know y) that I think back sometimes and ask myself y?
    Y were u so dumb and y did it take me so long and y and y but now I’m done beating myself up and when I c a smoker I feel sorry for them.
    I don’t preach to people because I hated that when I was a smoker if someone did that to me.
    I just tell them if it comes up,
    That I was a non smoker my entire life with a smoking habit that creeped in and out of my life every 30 minutes or so 🤔 and they look at me like oooooooook lol

    Smoking is 💯 % mental
    Physically it was easy to stop smoking but mentally, the few times I tried before was excruciating until I used my non smoking mentality (epiphany).

    U should try it it might just work for u like it did me 🤗

    Now I’m a non smoker that doesn’t get my day interrupted every 30 minutes or so!

  4. I used my electric nose after a few drinks and mildly burnt the tip of my nose. No lighter! Lol! I walked around with a perfect red circle directly in the middle of the tip of my darn nose! For two weeks! No makeup could be used due to sensitivity. Ugh!

  5. Thank you, Chris, this is exactly what I needed to hear. It's hard, and I've been trying for 4 months; I will quit for a week at a time (so I know I can do it) but then start again, and a couple of my recurring self-recriminations are that I waste so much time doing it and avoid people I care about because of my addiction. It was almost magical to hear you speak so openly and kindly abut these topics that I have felt secretive about and ashamed of, and I felt my resolve go all steely. You've really helped me.

  6. Oh man good to hear you. And I am blessed to have happened to found a 'vape mod' to quit my chain smoking habit. I am using 0% nicotine & offcourse only a apple flavoured juice. And yeah no Tobacco, no TAR. I am not good at chemistry. But I know I am heading towards your path. Cheers to the oxygen life.

  7. I quit smoking cigarettes 14 months ago after almost 25 years of continuous smoking! I did it at one go people call it "cold turkey". There can not be any alternative support at all, no VAPING because you are not physically or mentally handicap!
    Withdrawal symptom had been tremendous.
    1. Every morning during the first six months I woke up with the taste and smell of cigarettes in the mouth and my nostrils as if I had been smoking heavily during the previous evening. This I had experienced 2/3 days in a month even after completing one year of my 'quit smoking'! It is really difficult to evict Nicotine completely from the system!
    2. There had been 5 to 6 tremendously powerful urges that occurred during the day to smoke which rocked my entire being.
    3. There had been very powerful 'mood swings' and the victims were my wife and my son. They have forgiven me.
    What did I do?
    1. I started to do Yoga! I also started to go to Gym 3 days in a week and did vigorous exercise to enable my lungs and the entire body to get plenty of 'oxygen' which they had been deprived of because of me.
    3. I do some 'Meditation'.
    4. Whenever there had been tremendous urges to smoke, I used to remind myself how fortunate I am that, "I quit smoking" and "how strong my body and my mind is getting every day!"
    What happened after quitting smoking:
    1. My breathlessness has almost disappeared.
    2. I find myself in full of energy all the time; infact I am surprised to find that I have so much energy and I do not feel 'tired' or 'worn out' now a days in doing my daily chores!
    3. I am amazed to find that by quitting smoking cigarettes I am also saving quite a lot of money.
    4. I am not moving around with that tremendously repulsive and disgusting 'smell' of cigarettes anymore! Believe me whenever I come across a person who is a habitual cigarette smoker a very repulsive and overpowering smell of cigarettes keep emanating from his or her body!
    5. Now I do not have to hide from my wife and my son which I did previously every time I used to smoke cigarettes!

  8. Thanks for mentioning about your experience how u felt like your overall gratitude for life increased.
    It really hit the jackpot in my mind! Many wise ppl, spiritual teachers etc. emphasize all the time how gratitude is the key thing. For increasing our frequency /vibes, attracting more of that what we are thankful and so on.

    I got hooked to tobacco because I got excited about health benefits of cannabis -and have smoked those together about 5 years now. And while doing it from the bong there's no any filters covering lungs. I guess it means breathing more tar to fill lungs. =/

    I've have not been sick in any way for few years, not even smallest flu -but I believe it's because of superfoods, meditation, ionic silver etc..

    But anyway, last year or two have been tough because of smoking. I can't do practically any sports, I have had heart pains, numbing legs, arms and even part of my head! Also occasional pain in left side of my throut/neck.
    Two days ago I got again really scared because I started to get hot flashes in my body, mainly left leg. Noticed that blood vains were bigger and clearly visible.
    That made me expecting stroke and fear of death pushed in surface..

    I started immediately to look for natural remedies for that problem and luckily found out that I can find many of those from my home already, but which I wasnt just consuming lately. Like chili, ginger, turmeric and so on.. I also eat garlic often, but now I increased the amount.
    Another biiiig mistake I've made (beside of smoking) has been that I've been spending way too much time sitting / resting / chilling because of all those daily highs.. that means less exercise, which means higher risk for clogs in blood veins.

    You are great motivational speaker and I'm definitely going to watch all your videos while I'm trying to put stop to this nasty habit.
    At least I've been smokefree this time I have used for watching your videos! 🙂

    Keep up the good work and thanks again!

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