1. ok so i have a 2x2x5 tent w a 600w led ,i know light is a lot for small space,but lets just say i made a huge switch from a sorry chic who was cheating w a so called friend who i inherited all this equipment from lol,so now my girl is this plant lol better switch if you ask me,anyway i waited till tap root came from bottom of rooter plug and transplanted today,my canopy temps w this led is early 80's and i have light as high as it can go and 45% rh,is that too much for my 4 day old seedling?..i am poor and cant make any adjustments until i can earn some ends …btw i am so sorry for constantly harassing you but u have exactly what i have in terms of dwc so i gravitated towards you more than watching a bubble or soil grow,my apologies

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