1. Not being funny , but why is his animals allways sick. I kno he left vet because they made animals sick with meds etc, but why are he still now sick.. You'd think with all the herbs n good research foods etc he now gives they wouldn't b sick anymore, or at least CURED!

  2. 🙋 Hi Dr. Would you please tell me what I can put on my dog, who has little wart like growths. They look sensitive as they are pink on her white skin. I put oregano oil on them for awhile, but this seemed to inflame them. Please help.😊

  3. Funny on the pinata-our son when he was young wanted an airplane pinata, because of the size it had to be stronger except it was too strong and we could barely break it open, my dh had to go out and beat it with a bat, apparently to many layers ends up like a cast and hard to break. Who knew, we were just having fun and not really thinking about the science. They all had fun anyway and the candy went everywhere in the yard. So given Tula's issues is she on a raw or cooked diet to clean her system or are you doing something else? Please share more and better ways of eating with your pet?Tx.

  4. That is the question, he was diagnose with lung cancer and do not know if he is in pain. He shivers in the morning and I wait until the sun comes out. When it does, I place him directly in sunlight and he stops shivering. Maybe he is cold? He doesn't seem to be in pain otherwise. 

    He is now eating again but is very particular with what he eats. He used to have an insatiable appetite. Vets recommend  beechnut chicken and broth when dogs won't eat, a friend told me. Sure enough he ate it, then proceeded to throw it up. He will eat Core Wellness treats however. Their Turkey Jerky and Turkey with bone marrow Treats. He devours their treats. That is all he will eat. Is that ok?

  5. Dr. Andrew, sorry to bombard you with questions. My dog is on a cannabus treatment for cancer  but has no desire to eat. Day 2 of no food. He will drink water however. I have tried everything and I am now cooking his meals. Still to no avail. What can I give him or get calories into him? Please doctor help.

  6. Lmfaoo you must have liked my herb comment on the last video. 🤣🤣 but on a serious note, i think oils would be great for dogs and humans. And happy birthday to your daughter😍😣🤗

  7. Happy birthday to your daughter.
    I also gave my cat the 1/4 tablet of Pepcid you recommended in one of your videos today because he threw up yesterday and wouldn't eat but ate some cat grass then threw up. I removed his food and he acted as though he was going to throw up today but didn't. After I gave him the medicine which I had to put on his wet food to get him to take it, he started playing and acting like himself after about an hour. He does groom himself alot and spits up hairballs sometimes and I brush him regularly and he gets into things he shouldn't like plastic even though I have put all the plastic bags away where he can't get them I did have plastic outside the other day I forgot to put away and caught him picking at it and immediately I put it away. I don't know what it is about plastic he likes. I have had his Veterinarian run blood work and xrays and he got a clean bill of health in May. I just took him in April this year.

  8. It's great to see a veterinarian that knows about Herbal Healing and practices Herbal Healing I really appreciate your videos and will be very helpful to me and my pets thank you so much. I don't see a ring on the finger LOL are you married cuz you are just as handsome as ever 😘

  9. Did you say you can use tincture directly on the skin? Would hemp plant tincture be a good substitute if Cannabis is hard to get? Thank you for all your helpful videos!

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