The Truth on Youth and Cannabis

POT TV – An honest discussion about youth cannabis use with long-time cannabis researcher, author and activist, David Malmo-Levine. The current cannabis …


  1. IQ does not measure ones ability to think, just the capacity to use knowledge obtained. The brain dead theory is just that. It actually slows thinking down as they pursue a fast pace educational curriculum so they learn less. Retain less and with abuse, this will transfer into a lack of willingness to do things, important thing become stressful task, relationships, not so important, etc. Or some of the above. Kids have less car accidents than adults on cannabis. That part is b.s..

  2. He is right. Life started being my choice at age 13. Nobody could do anything to stop me. I was not causing problems for anyone, just doing what I wanted no matter what was said to me by adults. Jail is not the answer, bad laws need to be broken. Nature always wins.

  3. I am a massive advocate for legalization and once it goes legal soon i’ll be smoking my brains out. But this irresponsible idea that cannabis is not harmful on a young brain MUST stop. It makes users of Marijuana look bad. It is dangerous for youth. This video is flagged and downvoted.

  4. I think that when you reach puberty your brain develops a hunger for gratification of the reward system built into it for the purpose of encouraging mating behavior. So you either need to have sex or find some other way to trigger the reward system. Ironically, weed also makes you horny, so it's kind of a vicious circle. Point being, we were designed by nature to use each other as drugs but we found a plant that mimics it.

  5. Good job. I would like to add, youth begin looking for escape because the environment is terrible. Providing safe places to hangout like skateparks definitely helps your kids!

  6. Great video Pot TV at 60 yrs old the medicinal effects from cannabis has me feeling like I'm 40 from 16 pills a day to zero I recommend cannabis to all my friends I've wittnessed remarkable changes in seniors health the biggest hurdle for us is finding quality and consistent cannabis unfortunately the Lps products are really bad so we have to seek elsewhere 🍁 🙏 🍁

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