Stinging Nettle For Breast Cancer, Wounds, & Vitamin C

Stinging Nettle is an edible wild plant that’s been studied for its role in treating type 2 diabetes, benign prostatic hyperplasia, and allergies. Within the past few …


  1. If you roll and squeeze even medium sized leaves it will eliminate the sting for eating raw with different benefits from infused or extracted ones. In Dorset England there are annual contests for eating the most raw. I pulverize dry and mix 1 to 5 with sea salt, etc. Adam, please inform us about 1) leaf consumption after seeding, use of young seeds, and 2) dead nettle/lamium

  2. I have the shiny leaf Clear Nettle and it has no stinging hairs, but I cannot find any information on it's nutritional value?
    Can I eat it just like Stinging nettle? Any info is greatly appreciated!
    Thank you!

  3. Interesting facts, I'm not how much info you have on this plant as to how long it's been used medicinally, but I do know that it has been used for over 230 years. A few years ago I read in Rev. John Wesley's journal (the founder of the Methodist church who also studied medicine part time); that he had suggested using this plant to several people for various ailments, as well as using it himself with great results.

  4. another powerful tonic tea rich in antioxidants is a tea using 5_10 leaves of a tree called the strawberry has small round fruit rich in vitamin c and it's not a common tree.found in Europe France Spain ireland.use the leaves to make a strong​ tea and add a few leaves of spearmint and leave it in a pot to get stronger .it will be bitter so u can add a teaspoon of honey to balance it and a squeeze of lime or lemon juice and will also cleanse detox Ur stomach and body .

  5. I have a secret tonic recipe I want to share.boil a heap of nettles ..5 plantain leaves 5 dandelion leaves..two spinach leaves a big handfull of parsley ..add 5 milk thistle leaves ..add two leaves from a lemon tree in a one litre sauspan for 30 min with a lid on so nutrients don't evaporate.take the leaves stems out and continue to boil the liquid .add 2 teaspoons of tumeric powder half a teaspoon of saffron .add pepper .hot mustard from a bottle.or powdered mustard.add1 bayleaf two sage leaves .add a teaspoon of grated fresh ginger .add fresh spring onions chopped with 1 tablespoons of hoi sin sauce 1 tablespoon of oyster sauce 1 teaspoon of soy sauce 1 half tablespoon s of vinegar.this will make a very powerful soup with instant energy .u can add a slice of chopped bacon in the soup and add two eggs so they come out as a hard ball with soft yolk on the inside.break the egg so the yolk gives the soup extra flavour.alwats add spring at the end .and add 1 leaf of mint at the end.if u get it balanced it will be the best soup UV ever made in Ur life.ucan make a bigger pot so u can have it for a few days .have a big cup of this soup 3_4 times a day or have a cup at breaky and have a big bowl of soup at lunch and dinner and a cup before bed.if u do it like I said then it will be very powerful and release endorphins and boost serotonin levels ..the happy drug lol.u can also boil up carrots Nd mash them to bits so the vit a is released more and add the strong broth from the carrots to the. nettles soup.the list of ingredients IV out in my recipe has so many health benefits..also very antiinflammatory .the nettles and tumeric ginger and other stuff have antiinflammatory properties so if u combine them they will help pain in Ur body.i make this soup every 3 days. a huge pot I make and I use a lot of nettles .the more nettles the more stronger it will be.u can make it into a chicken soup by adding pieces of cooked chicken to it .extra… after u put the soup in Ur bowl add fresh grated cheese over the top.this soup is a super food .high in antioxidants high in antiinflammatorys high in vitamins and minerals and iron and other compounds .also it's very antimicrobial and fights off infections and bacterial .another great thing is using fresh alovera leaves onto Ur face and skin's very antiageing and good for Ur pores in Ur skin.i have 6 plants in garden and I grow rows rows of nettles .

  6. I stared adding it to raw smoothies about 8 years ago. I had always cooked it as a green, and added it to tea, but I was fighting an aggressive cancer at the time, and wanted a variety of raw greens. Interesting that the studies are showing it helps fight cancer. I was using it to boost my intake of various minerals and vitamins so my body's immune system could kill the cancer, and because of the histamine reaction when using it raw. I guess it was a good decision.

  7. Hey Adam! Love love love your channel. ❤️ I have learned so much from you. Currently in a beautiful RV/camping park that is rife with stinging nettle. A question I have is can you juice nettles raw or would it make you sick? Also, how safe to harvest from an RV campground? Thanks and I appreciate your time.

  8. Purple Deadnettle (which merely looks like Stinging Nettle) is a good Winter alternative to things like Ratstail Plantain which die off in the Winter. I use the fresh tops of Stinging Nettles throughout the year, boil some water, let it cool a moment, throw in the leaves, leave it a while, add some more heat occasionally, up to about 10 or 15 minutes. Shortly after drinking even a small amount I can immediately feel the health benefits, so this method at least seems to extract some good stuff.

  9. Hi Adam I am a huge fan of yours I love all of your videos. I am a soap maker and I use stinging nettle in many of my soaps, can you tell me if there is any benefit to using stinging nettle in bar soap?

  10. I've been a subscriber to your channel for about 8 months Adam. Your knowledge is amazing. I add wild plants and mushrooms to my diet as I learn about them on your channel. I'll add stinging nettle.
    One of the most enjoyable drinks l like is drinking a cold tea made from Birch polypore with a small amount of maple syrup and vannila extract .
    Keep up the great work!

  11. For those of us who wish to use Stinging Nettle in capsule supplement form for prostate health, is there any type you recommend? When I researched it a while back, I think some brands emphasized the value of the leaves and some the stems. If you say that only freshly harvested is worthwhile, I'll trust your judgment! Thanks.

  12. I've been told that nettle is also (somewhat ironically) a natural antihistamin and is good for making salves to use for skin irritation and allergies, eczema and so on. I personally made up a load by slow cooking the nettle in almond oil and adding beeswax (I think I used flaxseed oil for culinary use for the rest), though you can just leave it for ages to fully infuse in oil instead. We went for the middle ground so that we weren't properly cooking the nettle and breaking down all the nutrients in it too much, without having to wait weeks or months for it to infuse. I found the resulting salve a good consistency and good to use for general skincare. I also tend to use it instead of a shaving balm. As for the sting, I've seen videos of Ray Mears picking them for cordage with his bare hands, I think there is a knack to just being firm with them. I tried this recently and was mostly successful until I had a rather strong, thick stalk and got badly stung straight away. I tend to dry nettles for tea or fry them briefly in butter to add to soups (I guess steaming them would be a good way of preserving their nutritional value too)

  13. Thanks for the video Adam! Are there any good links or sources where one can learn how to make the particular extracts used for their anti tumor properties. Are they alcohol tinctures by chance or are they simply the tea infusions that you were talking about at the end of the video? Lastly, do you make teas from the younger plants or can you do that with the older ones too? Thanks!

  14. Wear gloves when handling even the youngest Stinging Nettle! I was picking some younger plants than what you were picking and got those weird sensations on my fingers! Other than that! As always, great video!

  15. I take stinging nettle root extracts one capsule daily only because of what I saw in your previous video on stinging nettle. If not for your informative video I wouldn't be using it. It helps with my nocturia and often I can get an hour or two more sleep. During the day it often feels as if I have more energy to do the many daily chores. I keep my intake of the root to one capsule [750mg] as two daily seemed at times to make me lightheaded. Again I'm using the root not the leaves. Also good for the love life men…hint hint and ya enough said.

  16. You can also add it raw in a smoothie! The blending will take away the sting…just make sure to add fat of some sort(recommended for all leafy greens) like avocado, chia, flax, olive oil, etc., to get all of the fat-soluble vitamins!

    My two little bunnies also love stinging nettle…it seems like there's something in their saliva that also keeps them from getting stung because they chomp through it like two little zombies.

  17. Thank you👍🏽. This is useful information! I would appreciate more detail regarding the the how-to of preparation of nettle for its healing properties, since this varies from production for vitamin C right?

  18. Thank you for your insight! I have been watching you for quite sometime and I enjoy how you are evolving in your presentations and demeanor ! so confident and accurate …I will continue to be inspired and share your passion (also my passion) with others, Particularly the little children in my circle.

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