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  1. I feel like Republicans would be willing to discuss the legalization of medicinal Marijuana. I'm sure all the Dems would vote yes and it would only take two or three Republican senators to get it through the Senate. The House is a different story…

  2. i have very little money but do i need to buy a stock and put in a stop loss. i have about 500. i figure buy 50 dollars worth of penny stocks and just hold them. If i get one 100x home run then sell 80% & keep 20% and repeat with new stocks.any advice to use a particular site to gather reliable news or data on penny stocks. i hope to make 100 a month.thanks

  3. Owning and reading about this one (GWPH) for a year and the reports I'm getting about the company and its developement over the last several years indicate that with its patent rich pipeline and strong financials, FDA approval is seemingly imminent and I believe this one will explode. Today it slipped 5.00+ down to 97+ and this is probably about the best time ever to take a position. I myself am about to increase my position substantially as I feel strongly this could be life- changing. I own AAPL, CARA, ABBV, and many others but this one has the potential to be the story of the year

  4. I was hoping you'd scroll through your portfolio so I could verify you didn't already have a bunch of GWPH, pumping it up a little with this video. 🙂

  5. If you check out gwph in some more detail they've been hemorrhaging money and the grade of growth is negative with regard to the past 3 years. Super speculation brought it to where it is now.

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