1. Please rwspond ASAP! I put about 1.5 grams of Purple kush in a box of the SAME EXACT brownies you have. I skipped the blending weed with oil. The brownkes are currently cooking…..will they still work??

  2. Lmao "PERFECT pot brownies" Vegetable oil is one of the worst, unhealtiest oil you can use with no benefits. Betty Crocker?? Cheap ass Gmo crap…
    Organic coconut oil👍Is way better. Everything organic!

  3. Use at least 7 Gs of top shelf. if you actually smoke loud. Use coconut oil for better taste and supposedly it digests faster , binding your thc to this supposedly makes you get high quicker, also you can dissolve some dab into the oil after if you really want

  4. Lots of this video is correct, but this is almost how I cooked them back in HS. First off where is the 30 percent claim coming from? Look Up "Decarbing Marijuana for edibles" on google. I guess in a sense you are doing this decarbing process in the pan, but the oven is way better. There is simply no reason to leave the product in the oil, coconut oil might want to be substituted or added instead of veggie oil but it work just fine. Distillate is the easiest to cook with, but flower isn't hard to work with. Everyone should try.

  5. Okay, so how long do you heat the oil for? I tried this recipe 2 times and both had been complete fails and a waste of money. The first time I thought I didnt heat the oil long enough but the second time I heated it a little longer until I smelled a slight burnt but it still didnt give me any high. Both times were more than 20 min on the stove under low-medium heat. Either I have some weak ass bud or this recipe is a bust…Anybody tried this recipe where it actually work?

  6. Thanks for this man! I don’t know why it always has to be so complicated learning how to make stuff with cannibis it should be really easy to mix it with any food

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