Obesity : The Post Mortem

Obese Autopsy : The Post Mortem Autopsy of a 56 year-old obese woman was suffering from Heart failure due to excess fat intake which cause heart diseases to …


  1. There's a huge diference between "Overweight" and "Obesity":
    Being "Overweight" means having more body weight than is considered normal or healthy for one’s age or build. On the other hand, "Obesity" is an excess amount of body fat with a Body Mass Index "BMI" over than 30. While an overweight person is between 25 and 29.9 .. He may or may not have excess accumulation of fat ..
    Dr. Mike Osborn here in the video is overweighted not obese.

  2. Talk about a wake up call! Obesity takes 8 to 10 years off your life. I'm obese and 47 years old and have been a yo-yo dieter. I'm tired all the time and have no energy. I carry most of my weight in my stomach, much like the lady on the table. This video really opened my eyes!

  3. The human body is so much like handling an animal carcass. It is the same as deconstructing animal meat, fat & bones.

    As I was watching this I couldn't help but wonder why doing this repeatedly had not had quite the impact on the male physician as it did to his female counterpart? I assume he knows with the extra wright he's carrying he will put himself at risk – very much like the doctors who eat bad and smoke.

    Oh well… fascinating stuff. Makes me wanna see extra videos if only when the shock factor has worn off.

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