My Big Orange Portland Cement Flower Pot in Ga U.S.A.

July 27 2018 I am Helen from Ga. I enjoy my Portland Cement crafts projects flower pots and all kinds of things . I love walking in my woods. I love My Birds .


  1. I admire the way you talk they way you create very pretty pots I'm new to your channel but I'm already a fan of your creativity… God bless you abundantly…I'm sure He's (God) very pleased that your using your gift talent and sharing to the world…I'm vry glad I came across this channel God bless take care…👏👏👏

  2. Good Morning Ms Helen,
    That is truly a beautiful pot, I love the different colours you used it really makes the yellow shine like it’s Gold so now you have your own pot of Gold.🌹
    Pineapple plants take 2 years to flower and grow a pineapple, so you are going to have to be patient Hon, but the awesome thing about growing pineapple’s is the flower, it starts off growing the most striking Red baby pineapple and that tiny little pineapple is the actual flower, as it develops that flower grows bigger and bigger and transforms into a beautiful big pineapple. Place it in full sun because they love the heat, hence, why you need to keep the water up to it and it will grow big and juicy. I grow a few every couple of years and they always taste sweet..
    Did you know that pineapple’s are a member of the Bromeliad family? Flowers live for ages on a Bromeliad which assists the pineapple’s flower to live long enough to turn into fruit, it is one of my favourite Bromeliad’s, can’t wait to see your face and excitement when it blooms
    God Bless You Ms Helen 🌹💋❤️

  3. Hi I would leave plastic in there just drill a hole. Also have you tried using stucco cement instead of what you use? Just an idea. Heard stucco cement very durable and easier to work with.

  4. I love watching you are you imagination. I wish I could set with you and have coffee on your patio and I joy your birds and wind chimes. You have a great summer. Sweet Georgia bell 🌺🙏🏻♥️🙏🏻🌺

  5. Hi Helen, I love your pot! How long have you been making these? I want to do a birdbath someday. With the Portland cement would regular sand work? Love your vidoes and God bless you❤

  6. I think of you make a small cup of cement and water and pour it over the pot before you start adding your mixture, It helps it stick to the sides a little better. Love watching your videos Helen!

  7. I thought I could sense a little sadness in the first part of your vid today, then you mentioned tragic events of late to, I hope that if something has happened they now how much of your thoughts are with them, but on another note,, big victory in the pot world at presant with another excellent master piece, thank you for putting so much effort into these vids, even at times when wearing that lovely smile is a little tough x

  8. Great results with the orange pigment! Another gorgeous outcome! Thank you, Helen, once again for brightening my day. I look forward to your inspiring attitude. God bless you and yours in mighty and unexpected ways! You are in my prayers.

  9. It turned out beautiful Miss Helen. You amaze me with the things you can do. You are one of the sweetest ladies that I have come across. I hope you have a blessed day.🌻👒

  10. Hello Miss.Helen, just thought I would share that it takes 2 years for the plant to make a pineapple. Thank you so much for all you share with us. Much Love and God Bless. Susie from Florida

  11. Hi Miss Helen, I love the things you make and I appreciate the instructions. I have an idea for you I'd like to share with you. When working with concrete, try painting your form with oil. Be sure to get every part of the form covered where concrete will be. I think you will find that the form in many cases can be re-used. I poured a few concrete walls when I was younger and we always applied a generous coat of oil to the inside of our forms made of wood. The forms were easy to get off when it cured. I can't promise you will have the same results with Styrofoam or any other material. All I know is that it works well with wood and metal. One other thing I want to express and that is my deep appreciation of your comments when you talked about the Bible. I know Jesus as my Lord and Savior and it sure sounds like you do too. That doesn't mean we are perfect, just forgiven. We have an awesome Savior!!! God bless!

  12. Hi Hellen love the pot and the love and time you put in it hreat video. I really like your background the birds and the flower and all the things. This is my first time here I cant wait to see more thank you. You made my day 😁❤🌞🌻🌷🌸

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