Meet Canada’s Massive Medical Marijuana Company

Tweed is Canada’s largest medical cannabis producer, providing medicine for roughly 20 percent of the country’s registered pot patients. The company recently …


  1. Bunch of rookies really. Everyone sucking their cocks for a job meanwhile ive been on the acmpr program for 3 years and grow bigger badder plant then they do at home and how do I know what they do to it? Bunch of parasites these big companies are trying to monopolize the market.

  2. There too expensive. The packaging is nice but when you have more than a gram per day prescription cannafarm thinks of us at the price range. Less bling more savings when your actually sick.

  3. yo TWEED learn how to dry and cure your weed properly cause every single strain I've gotten from yous has been MOLDY. Why grow it if u don't know how to dry and cure???? Giving patients crappy ass meds. That's why the underground will always be the consumers first choice.

  4. This is bullshit. Lets get celebrities such as b real and try to make aurora the best in canada. This crap is crap. If you order from tweed in smith falls ontario, you will get shit weed.

  5. These guys fuck their customers. I bought 60g for 400. only got 32gs. I called and they told me to fuck off
    Ordered 20gs. weighed it. it was cool
    Jus got 40gs for 300.
    Weighed it
    Only 18gs

  6. Which is why I like AURORA as a investment. They will not shortcut for growth. Retrofitting a nestle building is shortcuting for growth.

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