1. Listen up all you dope promoters — marijuana is NOT a medicine. That stuff damages the brain AND the cardio vascular system AND IS RESPONSIBLE FOR SUDDEN DEATH DUE TO HEART FAILURE. You promoters are working for outside forces to pump that crap into America and I'm sick of your crap. YOU ARE DOPE DEALERS, YOU ARE DOPE PROMOTERS AND YOU ARE DOPE ADDICTS — OBVIOUSLY DAMAGED DOPE ADDICTS.

  2. Big Pharma is laughing all the way to the bank. The opioid crisis is a prescription problem. U.S marines are guarding poppy fields in Afghanistan, but i will sit here and go back to work now.

  3. From what i've seen most people either HATE weed or LOVE weed. Personally i have smoked many times and can tell you that THC IS NOT A GOOD DRUG. OMG I SAID IT!! I can already see a million people starting to write there comments saying ITS NATURAL AND DOES NOT HARM YOU!!!! REEEEEE!!! WELL SO IS MORPHINE! AND I DONT GO AROUND INJECTING OPIUM! drugs really are going to be the end of this world and its sad! people need to wake up from there fantacies and look at what the world has become, THC REPLACES YOUR BRAINS NEUROTRANSMITTERS AND DISRUPTS THE NATURAL PROCESS IN YOUR BRAIN. FACTS. REALLY NATURAL HUH??? secondly heavy THC use in adolescence is linked to depression, anxiety and even schizophrenia. harmless? maybe not!

  4. No it isn't. The opioid crisis is indiscriminate prescription of flawed medication. Those who do it do so for money and won't stop. Marijuana is like introducing another drug industry. Both will continue to do it to earn money. Addiction always becomes more serious, never less… so there will be more addicts both to opoids n marijuana. In the end you have a thoroughly drug addled society. That's all.
    Think of the Opioid crisis and a pipe with a hole n water gushing out. Now you want to introduce marijuana….That's making another hole in another pipe instead of plugging the first hole.
    Where's the sense in that?
    Your whole house will be flooded with drugs… that's all.

  5. Marijuana could be used instead of opioids,the thc would be taken out so therefore one would not have the high effect but it could help others with pain & seizures. I have terrible nerve pain was on a 75 fentanyl patch,changed every 72 hrs! Then I started to lose weight,but needed it for my pain,I had to be taken off the patch. They had to change the patch from 75 to 50 then to 25 then none! I'm glad to be off ! But those with server pain need something to take the place of opioids & fentanyl and soon

  6. https://www.justice.gov/archive/ndic/pubs23/23932/23932p.pdf

    Houston is a major drug distribution center that
    supplies a vast number of market areas in the
    United States, including Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit,
    New York, and Philadelphia, with illicit drugs, primarily
    cocaine and marijuana. Houston’s welldeveloped
    highway system, established financial
    infrastructure, racial and ethnic diversity, and large
    volume of international trade contribute to the
    region’s role as a major transshipment point for
    illicit drugs destined for U.S. drug markets and for
    drug proceeds destined for Mexico. The significant
    number of drug-related investigations throughout
    the United States that are linked to the city, including
    those in Atlanta, Chicago, Miami, Newark,
    New Orleans, New York, and St. Louis, further
    demonstrates Houston’s role as a key national drug
    distribution and money laundering center.

  7. Cannabis is a miracle medicine. Just like ANYTHING, if abused… it will lead to adverse side effects. Tobacco and Alcohol are okay and won't hurt you if you don't abuse them.

  8. How crazy is this crap going to get?? Who is putting this guff together?? Listen up all you dopers — marijuana IS dope and it is NOT going to "fight" opioid addiction. All addicts and their families need to understand and understand clearly that there IS a medical movement, very quiet, very covert, that calls for brain surgery to treat dope addictions. Those surgeries ARE being quietly performed and nobody is to discuss the matter. Why? Well, the results are not too good. Patients are often left as slobbering pieces of meat for the rest of their lives. It's all experimental right now. Of course the best path to take would be to shut down the dope but the hidden hands want all that money. Meanwhile addicts and their families are wallowing in a hell pit and absolutely no help is available. Welcome to the real world, folks. Not only is dope killing our loved ones, dope is now the fodder for unethical experiments. Remember folks, england and israel are who trained and still trains the dope cartels and cartel assassins AND set them up in the USA. How sweet. "God's chosen people" huh. Oh and hey, our research also pulled another demon out of the woodwork — now fake dope rehabs are communicating that addicts should be "treated" with the very dope which made them addicted. Gosh. More crap right out of psycho babble classes.

  9. Absolutely. They need to legalize it, its a wonderful herb when used for what God intended it. He said I give you the seed bearing plants for medicine. It has wonderful medical benefits. Cancer, Depression, ADHD, Pain etc

  10. Yes it is. And deregulate and make it easier to start a cannabis store. Do not give control to dispensaries. Let the average Joe be able to open a business. My state allows medical use only and the dispensaries have a monopoly. Why is it hard to get in? Make it easier and faster for us. Big pharma is the devil. I rather seek remedy from a plant than some chemically created mess from a lab.

  11. As one with cronic pain, 30yrs military, got off pain pain killers. We just want to be pain free for periods, DRs will not provide, medical marijuana in my state is 800$ cash upfront for first visit, then the MJ, they cannot accept insurance?! As to not violated Feds?! No one can afford that! So all these people now go Black Market, the Market always wins BM painkillers, 100$ will get you quite a bit of relief. People will say well how can the VA do it, they give it away. No laws broken!?

  12. I am sorry to report I used prescription opiates for 17 years.
    I have neuropathy in my legs and feet. After numerous operations and finally on Fentanyl patches and OxyCondone. I finally got off all of them with high numbers of pain, 5 and above.
    I am still have those pain levels today.
    I tried Medical Marijuana, it only helped about 15 to 20%.
    I believe Medical Marijuana is a political issue.

  13. Hell I can't get .5 hydro,without a piss test every 6 months ,they want a pill count every time I go in ,and fill out a page every time I go to get my pain pills.
    I have osteoarthritis and psoriatic arthritis.

  14. Every one check out RSO medical marijuana. RSO Medical Marijuana not only helps relieve pain it cures cancer. I now know three people with three different cancers, lung, bone and lymph cancer all three people were diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and told they had less than a year to live and it's more than 3 years later for the shortest one and over 5 years for the longest one and when they go for their annual exam they are told they are cancer free.

  15. Yes! Trust me, I've worked in the industry even since I was 18 and got addicted to Xanax. Withdraws were hell and I couldn't handle it on my own. I started using marijuana and that got me off Xanax and then I slowly tapered off marijuana. Marijuana literally saved my life.

  16. RSO and you can make the best pain killer ever and there is no high and you take it at night. There are very few med shops cuz of legalizing Rec Pot Tax Tax Tax and the people in need get left behind . I helped a 83 year old start moving again and all he wanted to do was get out of his chair prison and go outside , go to his garage and push things around ,walk around the his land that became his prison .I hear you old folks and i am on your side, pain stops enjoying of living and i wish i could help you all. Peace

  17. The people who are assigned the duties of looking out for our collective interests have been arbitrarily punishing the American people for no reason.
    This situation can't continue. It may be time to nuke Washington, DC.

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