Marijuana in the California workplace? Not at Reefer Madman, Phil Blair’s Manpower San Diego

Uninformed corporate fascist, Phil Blair executive at MAN-Power on Good Morning San Diego wants you to know he is clueless about how marijuana and THC …


  1. I like how they bring so called professionals on and they have no idea what they’re talking about. This guy doesn’t have a clue. Truly a fucking idiot.

  2. Ok if I smoked weed yesterday it doesn't mean I'll be high the next day so talk about that situation yes I want your pay check but I dont smoke weed during work hours only when I'm at home explain that situation..

  3. that's fucken bullshit! upon legalization they should have changed work policies. people take pills medicine during work and those are legal drugs. they put so much bullshit lies and negativity on marijuana

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