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PREVIOUS EPISODE: Quitting Drinking, Smoking Weed & becoming a Night owl because of genetics!! Plus a look into Peer …


  1. Great podcast lex I can’t believe what you said at the end lol & it was funny also can’t wait to see you at the pop up I will be bringing my cousin Luke & he’s looking forward to it the pop up will be his 1st ever Gymshark Experience #CREW #BoomBaby.

  2. I have to disagree that whatever is going on for the 17 year old out there right now will in a year or in their thirties, they will look back and it will be not a big thing. That may be true for some but for others that really isn't the case. What I went through between the ages of 15-18 still represents the worst years of my life, not just because of my inexperience with life, there were adults in my life who didn't cope with the situation, although admittedly my inexperience didn't help. However, what I would say is that going through what I did so young and learning to deal with it, which took about 10 years, I am now phased by very little and seem to be able to enjoy the simple things in life much more than many around me. So even if it isn't insignificant, looking back it can be a massive source of learning that can enrich a person life. The reason I make this point is because at that time, people would tell me that school was the best years of my life, or that it would seem insignificant in the future (admittedly they didn't know my full situation) and that made me feel hopeless like things would only ever get worse, that no one understood and I didn't know how I would cope and it made things worse for me at the time. I think the better advice is to remember that everything is temporary, no matter what situation they are in things change over time, that way there is not risk of minimizing their problems but gives them hope that things will get better in time.

  3. Sucks that cbd isn't legal in Norway.. it's legal in Sweden tho. But Norway has a zero tolerance on thc levels. So even a 0.4% thc is classified as narcotics! Hope it changes soon since I have issues sleeping and struggling with anxiety :/

  4. A lot covered there ! You’re a great team . Sleep , I share aspects of you both . We ( my partner & I ) , go to bed around 12 – 12.30 . I can lay , nothing on my mind , 1 , 2 , sometimes 3 hours before going off . Then I’ll wake , wide awake , around 5 . I’ll lay until I hear my son , moving around , then get up , taking him down with me . Before 6 , I must get my mug of tea . ( my son is 17 and suffers , severe Autism ) . Give him breakfast , before getting mum up at 7.30 . See him into the school taxi at 8.30 . Mum goes back to bed , then I start my day . Norm.

  5. I'm naturally a night owl, I enjoy the peace and quiet of nighttime, I feel more productive then too. I also do not wake up easily, I tend to be an extreme grouch if forced to wake up early in the morning.
    The last bit in the podcast… lmao

  6. Definitely be interested in the CBD, I tried my mum on it for fibromyalgia and it alleviated symptoms majorly within 3 hours but she can't afford to use it regularly

  7. Hello! i love watching you and Lainey! that last bit at the end shocked me but i still laughed! 🙂 Topic : Hobbies..Do you and Lainey have any hobbies/what do you do to relax.

  8. It's true that you can't help the outside influences to your child, but you can teach your child to be careful and explain to it the dangers and make the right decisions. When I was a teenager I was around people who took drugs, but I was never interested in taking them. There was certainly peer pressure, but I simply refused. I thank my parents for teaching me to make the right decisions.

  9. Lainey, could you provide a contact or link or something to your brother who sells the CBD. my Wife is currently in a need to use it due to an IBD condition she has and is finding it hard to get in Ireland and has to get it from abroad.

  10. Lainey I totally understand what you were saying about the bullying, sometimes the covert manipulation and alienation can be worse than overt aggressive abuse, and it does stay with you for a long time, I also have this feeling like I don't fit in, and I find it hard to trust so I keep my circle small, you've always come across to me as a very empathic person, with a lovely kind aura, anyone who says otherwise may well be envious of you and your success, all I can say is working on self esteem is so important, the self esteem workbook by shiraldi has been life changing for me, sending you and Lex best wishes..❤

  11. Thanks for yet another lovely podcast! Some thoughts on "feminism gone too far": feminism is about having equal opportunities no matter what gender you are, and to not be judged for what you do. Lainey's free to make Lex a sandwich, Lex can make his own sandwich or make a sandwich for Lainey. The opposite of feminism would be that as a wife, Lainey's task is to cook for Lex, and as a husband/man Lex is not "capable" of cooking. I just think there's a lot of people misunderstanding what feminism is, and they've already destroyed the term and its original meaning.

  12. I'm the same as you Lex always found it hard to sleep and even harder to wake up no matter what the time was. So because it doesnt matter what the time is I try to get to sleep earliest I can.

  13. im pretty sure they've identified the whole night-owl thing as being a genetic mutation…..which is what you've essentially started talking about as i was typing this….

  14. Thought I was the only one, I’m the exact same. I can never get to sleep at night until very late and if my girlfriend doesn’t get up for work or if she is not home I will sleep until 12.

  15. Hahahah the ending was the best thing ever man ye have good banter, I'd expect it from lainey, we Irish are usually known for our dirty banter, but that was a banger from you lex haha

  16. i'm such a night owl (couldn't fall asleep until around 4am every night) and at uni i really struggled the first year to get up for 9ams and i missed so much content, i then started to smoke weed (don't use tobacco) before i went to sleep and now i go to sleep between 11pm-1am every night and wake up easily in the morning for my lectures and am so much more productive! But also I only do it on a night once i have everything on my list ticked off, but i think it effects everyone differently and some people aren't 'responsible' with it,so not suggesting it for everyone! Also i don't drink hardly at all, i have drunk once in being at uni for two years haha!

  17. yeah, I'm a night owl too I just hate being forced to sleep and my brain just will not turn off and it sucks having only two much older brothers and having social problems is the lonliest thing ever, great crewcast 👏

  18. See I watch ur videos from KSA and I see both of u and I hope one day I ll have something like what u two have togather now am only 17 and I wish Ill meet u oneday +I wish that GYMSHARK Opens a shop in KSA all love and best wishs Fahad

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