How To Mix Small Batches of Weed Control + Sod Farm + Super Recycler

How to mix small batches of weed control. I used a 32 oz spray bottle from Home Depot – nice, cheap and easily accessible. I also use Blindside Herbicide which …


  1. A few of you are reading the "fluid ounces" on the tip and pour at 14:37. That is a converted liquid package jug. It's bad packaging – I got it somewhere a couple years ago. If you look closer – see the dotted lines – those are the .15 and .23 rates which are the high and low spot spray rates. They are on there so you can literally throw and go for 1 gallon mixes. believe me, I tested it – when you tip to the .23 is weighs right at .23 on the scale. What I am saying is, you are seeing a dry product put into a liquid container that has been mod'd to give you rates for the dry product. It's ugly – that is why I said the stuff you get at DoMyOwn is better packaged. Let me know if that makes sense. Sorry for the confusion

  2. Always weigh these high powered dry products! Great topic, this question is always ask by my subscribers how to mix for backpacks and hand sprayers. Did the sod guy have those fungus spotting glasses on? And I to hate a floppy handle on a push mower👍🏻

  3. Hi Alan, I'm confused about post emergent efficiency. How long should I wait to water if I treated let's say..crabgrass. also, I can see my post emergent has had a significant effect on the crab grass but is it possible that watering could bring the crabgrass back to life? I'm caught between needing to water but worried I will bring treated and crippling weeds back to life. I hope that makes sense? I need some advice and facts about that. Thanks for the videos!

  4. I swear I saw the World Lawn still sitting in the garage. Glad to see that you gave us some good insight with the turf farm manager. Are you going to be putting in a Personal Weather Station?

  5. Just picked up a Toro recycler at the depot yesterday. Set it up and did the first mow of 15,000 square in an hour and 20. It’s a steep slope so I really put some ass into it. It certainly beats my old Craftsman that I finally killed due to negligence. It would have worked better with more oil in it. Any way what a great mower for the price. I would love to have that Timemaster but I can’t justify it because I don’t usually push mow my yard. We got so much rain in PA this summer my big equipment is ripping the $hit out of my front yard so I need to push mow and let it heal up. That Toro is so nice to use I may keep pushing the front and get some steps in. More heavy rain tonight, can’t get a break to get Tenacity sprayed on the invasive grass. Got my RGS and AIR8 down over the miserable rainy weekend. Since the mower is a keeper I put on my LCN sticker right above the Toro logo.

  6. This is soo fascinating. You've inspired me to go visit my local sod farm. I love the learning aspect, always be learning. That's what's always drawn me into the lawn care and pest control environment. I feel like I'm always learning. Great video.

  7. Bit of a long shot but any chance we could have a short version of your lawn journal over the last 12 months, I’d be interested to see the level of applications across the year, hopefully it’ll help with planning ahead 😀

  8. I was using the spray bottle in my front yard for borax application. A mini van full of people were all laughing at me. They thought that was how I water my lawn LOL. If you had to pick a mower before the fall projects, would you go timemaster?? I’ve been debating this for almost a damn year lol

  9. Hi, can you please do a video on alternatives to Milo? What do you think about Purely Organic Lawn Food? Its very similar to Ringer but half the price. I ordered it bc my Savvy Soil Test shows that my lawn is high in P and low in K. The test reflects my Milo applications.

  10. Palmetto is a great grass I have it up here in metro Atlanta since Bermuda does not do well in the shade. It is very cold Hardy and will stay green longer then Bermuda.

  11. I was just curious if I don’t know what kind of grass I have (or if I have a mixture of them) how would I over seed tall fescue in to push that grass out. Don’t have the time or money to do a total renovation (killing off, leveling, etc.) but I was planning on aerating and over seeding my lawn this fall. Didn’t know how to do that or if that was even possible. Tired of the mixed grass and well groomed clover field 😂😂.

  12. You’re awesome! Ive learned so much from your videos. 3 years ago we moved into a house that you could tell no one did any sort of yard work in who knows how long. We’ve brought in 15 yards of dirt, a bunch of seed and fighting with getting everything to grow. Well this year we finally had our breakthrough and our grass is thriving. Baby shampoo and Milorganite are fricking life savers. My neighbors keep asking what we’re doing because our grass is so full and dark green. Finally getting that full thick green grass. Thank you and again you’re awesome!!!

  13. Pretty sure that "Iso-Flex" is why it has so much play in the handle. It may be trying to act like a shock absorber when going over bumps. Just did a quick google search and that is exactly what it is meant for. To reduce vibration and absorb bumps. Sounds nice in theory but I am sure we will see how well it is in practice for you as you get time with the mower. I am sure someone will come up with a way to lock out that feature by replacing those paddles with a standard mower handle nut and bolt.

  14. Two best things about this video…the fact that your lawn has weeds. It shows even the LCN fights the weed struggle with the rest of us. Thanks for being real and transparent. Another great thing..Jonathan's Ford 🙂

  15. Hey, LCN…. love your channel, thank you for all the great info. Question to you, do you have a recommendation for the type of grass to grow where I live, Cedar Raids, Iowa? Thanks again!

  16. I have a new super recycler and my only gripe so far is that the mulch plug doesn't block all the clippings, therefore the mulch plug area fills up with grass clippings. I also notice grass come out of the back area every now and then as I mow.

  17. Great video Allyn , very informative on the grass growing industry. Brand new mower with a strange handle action , you ruined the selfie by showing too much of you. 😜Get it blown up and put in the garage on the wall . Love at first mow. 😁

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