Growing Through the Life Cycle of Cannabis – Grow Class at Hydro Suite Hydroponics

This is a live grow class i am teaching at HydroSuite Hydroponics at 2101 western ave. las vegas, nevada 89102. This class was sponsored by Suite Leaf …


  1. I know you haven’t posted in awhile but I’m glad your channel is back up on YouTube and hope your doing okay homie. Always loved your videos hope you might post some more in the future.

  2. Any chance that you are going to get back to weekly updates? These classes are great, but I signed up for your channel strictly based on your weekly updates. Please get back to them, otherwise it's just like all the other channels that no longer have a personal feel. Thanks.

  3. A question and my solution maybe? I used Happy Frog and Black Gold peat moss with extra perlite for the soil at transplant. I flushed the soil with 6.3 ph water and watered them with PHed water. My first feeding was at 240 ppm and one plant within a half hour showed nute burn and I added a cup of just PHed water and it stopped it. Should I just add ph water untill I see signs of lacking nutrients?

  4. You should record this class through a screen recorder on your computer, and commentate over that for your online presence. As a viewer of the class over the internet, this would be the easiest and clearest way for us to follow along.

  5. Much better bro, now I know what was being said, it’s hard reading lips when u high. 😂 I did watch it without sound tho bro now I understand what’s going on better. 👍🏻. Thanks again for sharing bro. 🌱🌳🔥💨

  6. Good shit bro, tried watching it on three different things. Just couldn't hear it… Lol.. Still waiting for you to do another series.. We talked once almost two years ago about it, you said you might do another one some time. Just wondering if you gave it any more thought???

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