First Grow Ever – Day 64 Flower Update – Bagseed – Cheap Closet Grow LED+HPS – Pre Harvest Wet Trim

18+ Channel… Educational Medical Grow. Pre-Harvest Wet Trim… Going into dark tonight, and chopping and hanging the entire plant(whole) in 2 days to dry.


  1. It looks good bro but word of advice to improve your the quality of your channel, turn your phone sideways while shooting so it gives a full screen video when we look at youtube on computers or on full screen phones. this will increase your total watch time, your likes and subscriptions.

  2. Yeahhhhh alriiiiiight nice very nice plants looking amazing buds are huge and looking real nice beautiful setup great job bro great job cheers and growers luv I just subscribe and like check me out also and subscribe back I would really appreciate it stay tune cheers and growers luv

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