Day 81 HARVEST Super Silver Haze : Cheap Budget Marijuana grow tent

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  1. Led Smoker sent me your way brother. I have a few health tips for you to research. If you want more info contact me. Research (Turpentine) for health benefits. Also, 35% food grade peroxide for health. Theirs a book called "the one minute cure" by Dr. Sherry Rogers. During the slavery days, black folks were not allowed to visit hospitals, there remedy was the consumption of Turpentine with a sugar cube. Viruses feed on sugar, the turpentine soaked in sugar kills viruses. Food for thought brother, Cheers 😉 P.S. Please respond if you want additional info

  2. LED Smoker sent me over dude. Really sorry to hear about your wife buddy. It must be such a horrible thing to go through! Sending all my love to you and yours brother. All the best from the UK. Get that lot made into RSO asap 🤞✌❤💚

  3. Much love!! New sub from Led Smoker. Much love and positive energy for your wife. Your growing the cure. Beautiful meds. Looks like Dr. Greenthumb genetics.
    I work in holistic and natural foods as well. If you need anything….let me know. Anything.
    Remember to breath.
    Clear thinking thru meditation.

  4. Brother, hang in there bud, ya ever need a friend to talk to man, pls msg me @ [email protected] ANY fn time bro!!!!!!!!!!!!!….I will send you my personal phone #.

    I been there friend….Im terminal with brain clot and living against all odds……they cant do anything for me, said I was going to die along time ago friend….gulp….and I know what it feels like and Im sorry for your wife and you , but you need not worry friend….you have to have faith my friend and know that…GOD HAS GOT YOU AND YOUR FAMILY MY MAN…I promise you…pray my friend.

    God please take care of this family and ease their minds…..please cure them of all their worries and illnesses lord….please…you helped me to live and appreciate all things and people, now please help these good people in need of you, in the fathers name (GOD) and son, and holy ghost I pray, Amen.

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