1. Is anybody out there dumb enough to think this loophole was an accident? I have been warning people for 6 years or more that the Cannabis industry was going to have these issues because of the greed factor. In fact the only reason cannabis is becoming more except it is because of greed and they have been doing GMO Maneuvers on it for that long as well.

  2. they would never have legalized it without a framework to make millions for corporations. it was legalized in Fl. but you cannot have actual cannabis, you have to buy a processed product, vaping with $90, little sealed so they cannot be refilled, cartridges or equally expensive sub-lingual drops and of course the special vape pen. the product is not pure cannabis, its thc mixed with coconut oil. proof in my opinion that at least florida did not only corporatize it before legalizing it but also forced the processed product's use by keeping the actual plant is still illegal. smh

  3. Sessions wants harsher laws against marijuana but there's always a loophole that benefits corporations in those newly written laws. As long as those laws hurt the people and make the corporations rich so does it for the government lawmakers who make these laws.

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