1. Hi there Catherine! I am very interested to see you using MCT coconut oil in a CBD vaping product! Is it generally agreed that MCT oil is ok for vaping now then? I was looking into this myself a couple of years ago as an alternative to PG/VG but there did seem to be a few doubts back then as far as i can remember regarding possible problems with lipids etc.

    Any further information that you may be able to give me would be greatly appreciated please, thank you. Take care.

  2. i'm trying to pick out a product to try, Mostly for anxiety. I know your trying to promote your product, but there seems to be many company's selling this, What makes your product better than others out there ?

  3. Thank you Catherine, just found you. Information very helpful. I'm suffering from severe chronic osteoarthritis for many years. I have two new hips. I'm 4 months out from replacement and am now beginning to have knee pain. Pain. Level most days 7 + and it is starting to effect my daily living and emotions. Should I purchase from online or local health food store and brand. Please help.

  4. I’m just starting out and looking for something to calm me and help with anxiety, stress. I don’t want to fail a drug test either. What would you think I should start out with? I just want a vape cbd oil.

  5. how do I get a hold of you my wife has severe pain and cannot sleep and severe inflamation she has tried many Drs and their pills do not work with severe side effects. Please get back to me I need more info for her.

  6. I am waiting on my CBD today to arrive, I ordered the NuLeaf 725mg bottle, taking for chronic pain,nerve pain just cleaned my body from 3 very addictive drugs from a pain clinic went cold turkey and boy I got sick and still cleaning…..tired of these drugs that are poison! Started losing hair and acne was enough for me to say enough!!

  7. I have MS and ortho problems.  None of my limbs work – NONE and compound that with nothing normal in my spine……….I hurt BIG TIME.  I am confused about what to buy.  I currently take pain meds which only help relieve the pain by 25%.  I am in pain 24/7 and doing things even as simple as doing dishes puts me in more pain.  Forget housework.  I wish I could go back to the days of being able to clean the house in 2 hours.  I'm serious; there is not much I can do without going up to a 10 in pain.  I feel like I have been beaten by a bat, I am very serious.  I can't walk or stand for more than 10 minutes.  I take another prescription to sleep due to the pain I have.  I am on disability, live alone and receive 10k/yr., so money is very tight.  What do you recommend?  There are so many people selling CBD and I don't have $ to waste to figure out who has the "best" product.  Do you have a discount code if I were to try yours?

  8. I have recently just started using cbd oil for severe insomnia due to epilepsy surgery. The low dose worked for the first few nights until it wore of. Started taking 400mg of the capsules. What a huge difference.

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