CBD for Pets | Treating Health Problems & Illness in Animals

Learn how to safely use CBD for your pets and the health benefits that cannabis offers your furry friends. Cannabidoil is a compound used to treat many health …


  1. There is a reason why cannabis is illegal in Britain (where I'm from) the health benefits are outweighed by the risk of extreme paranoia. It is a humans choice to smoke cannabis or vape CBD but you should never force that on an animal. I understand that she has a lot of animals and I think she works for a vet but that doesn't make her an expert, or intelligent. You are entitled to your own opinion, as am I. Don't be thick. And always consult yr vet before giving treatments to your animals. You are not an expert on animals. No one is. In my opinion this is the most stupid and damaging thing you can do. It's abuse. You would be locked up in prison in the UK. i apologize for any offence taken by this coment. Love her hair colour tho xx

  2. Huh this is so interesting. My dog has horrible allergies and we have tried so many things but she was suffering so much we had to try apoquel (an immune system suppressant) which is obviously not the best. I should totally look into doggie weed (I know it’s not weed lol)

  3. I can't wait to try this out for my dog! He has SEVERE anxiety and is getting to the point where he can't be left home alone. After our family dog passed his anxiety got way worse, as well as lest lost a lot of weight. A few years ago he tore both his CCL's and one of his kneecaps is displaced. But it is so expensive to do the surgery. He's 9 1/2 now so he's starting to slow down. I've been really worried about him as he ages. I"m going to try out these products as soon as I can! Thank you SO SO much for sharing! I've been dreading putting him on medication. I'm going to be trying it for myself soon as well. This makes my heart happy to know I can possibly help my boy feel better naturally!

  4. I know this is kind of a random question but I’m really concerned, If my rabbit hears my dog bark will it be scared? My rabbit will be out of my dogs reach but he will be able to hear my dog bark when people are at the door, I don’t want my new rabbit to be scared to death 😭

  5. CBD sounds so amazing, it saves so many illnesses! Love you and your channel, might try it on my guinea pigs if my parents let me, as they have some skin issues! my next door neighbor has a horse with severe seperation anxiety, i wonder if it can work on him?! 🙂 😀 xx

  6. my Great Dane gets chronic ear infections because she has such bad allergies. do you think i should apply it directly to the ears or give her the drops in her mouth?

  7. Really interesting video! My one dog has bad allergies and separation anxiety so I might try it out. Thanks for sharing! How much of the oil do you apply to your big dog Caspian?

  8. I love your hair personally my favorite color is purple so in my book you picked an amazing color lol. Personally with having bangs all my life, bangs with any type of braid is always so pretty, btw love this video as always very informative,😊💜😊

  9. I need help I have had my glider for 3 years just now stumbled across there social animals and need to be in pairs I kept him healthy right diet and kept the cage clean he's starting to bald really bad and I called the people I bought him from they said it was normal I now know it's not and my parents say "oh he's fine" I try to tell them he's not happy and has all the symptoms is there anything thing I can do!!!!

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