1. Cannabis oil is not just made from sativa. It is made from the whole cannabis family not just the sativas branch. Please if your going to do an informational video have the main facts straight.

  2. Notice that the CBD oil they show is produced by Tikun Olam (which means repair the world) in Israel. They have developed the highest CBD strain that exists. Israel was set to export their medical marijuana products (mostly CBD oil) until Jeff Sessions was made AG. Israel is the world leader in cannabis research. Their researchers have recommended CBD oil for everyone over 65, to to combat aging issues.

  3. Change the title please and remove the question. You should name it instead " Cannabis Oil – IT IS medicine"

    Its not even a doubt that cannabis is a well hidden medicine for the past decades

    Its not even a doubt that families are being destroyed because the law doesnt allow them to cure their kids with the oil, cancer, chronic diseases and the list is never ending, you name it…

    Its not even a doubt that countless of researches are being done the last 10 years only! The results are stunning.

    Its not even a doubt that people that had the courage to reveal the therapeutic benefits from cannabinoids have been banished from their countries and hunted by their governments for the sake of "public safety" (Rick Simpson)

    ITS NOT EVEN A DOUBT THAT CANNABIS HEALS. It is time for the world to WAKE UP and stop this nonsense war on Nature.

    We HAVE TO Legalise it. It will save lives, and we have all the right to use whatever we believe that will make our quality of life better, noone has the right to tell me what to do with my body

  4. A friend back in 1982 smeared a thin line of cannabis oil along the length of a cigarette which I smoked with two friends in a park, it was early afternoon. I became so stoned that I could hardly walk or talk properly. I had to take a taxi home where I fell asleep and didn't wake up again until the following afternoon. It might be medicinal but it certainly knocked me out for six.

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