Canadian Marijuana Technical Analysis Chart 8/20/2018 by

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  1. Which broker do you use to trade canadian MJ? I come from trading crypto and I am wondering if you need 25k in your brokerage at all times to day trade MJ stocks

  2. Wow, Dan, the mixmaster! Nice outro. Hey, I'm sorry if you've covered this before, but have you talked about MedMen? Do you think they are worth a look given their partnership with CRON to launch retail cannabis stores throughout Canada? I've been watching your Crypto coverage for several months, but just started on your Canadian MJ. You are THE source for trading. Ditching everyone else.

  3. So is chart guys just you or what? You’re always like we’re the chart guys we’re proud to be one of… is it just you or is there a we? And how the hell you make that outro? Totally Awesome.

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  5. Dude. I have to say. I really enjoy your videos. really simple and professional style and consistent in words and explainations of what you see. Solid. The music video at the end is really well done. 10/10

  6. LOVED the ending! Dan do you have any older videos from when you were trading pennies/otc stocks? I would love to hear all about this time and what you learned about this sector.

  7. Dan when trading do you keep extended hours on your chart after the market has opened? Reason is because the 4 and the 8 EMA can be way different depending on if you keep extended hours on

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