Big Bang’s T.O.P appears in court for marijuana trial

South Korea’s Big Bang member, T.O.P, appeared for the hearing of a drug trial on Thursday. Ahead of the court session, T.O.P said he deeply regretted his …


  1. Big Bang and top were the ones to get me into Kpop and whilst i hear the regret it appears this isnt the first time, its just the first time he has been caught and in court and in the public media, which is disappointing but i doubt that will be enough to stop him thou behind close doors…..anyhow his conscience not mine. Think i will just support Big Bang now and not TOP.

  2. Top-oppa keep your chin up, you did mistakes alright, but now its time to fix the mistakes and move on. Everyone will wait for you at the end of the dark tunnel, so keep on moving forward and never look back.

  3. I sincerely miss Top. After all, i hope his healthy and i wish after all of this he will be happy and not depressed. We are always here for you no matter what happen

  4. My Korean teacher asked me who my favorite member in big bang was, I said T.O.P. Then she said "yeah, hes bad" I just ignore it because she probably didnt mean it on purpose and also I was a new student so i didnt want to be rude. But I felt sad and a little angry when I got home. I will always love T.O.P

  5. + the netizens were complaining about his good looks and makeup. I want to drop a hand grenade on all these haters. TOP gave us all this great music for 10 years and supported us; now he needs support. Don't leave hate comments about him.

  6. T.O.P. dont worry we still love you no matter what. 🙁 Please be strong VIP's worried so much about you. 🙁 We miss you top! Get well soon. Everything will be fine! We love you!


  7. hug from all of vip ….top pls stay strong dont do this again but dont feel sad so much human can make mistake i hope you get well soon and back again with big bang we all are their for you always

  8. It's okay we all make mistakes there is nothing to be sorry about 😭😭❤️❤️❤️ vip will always be by your side ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😭

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