1. 4/12/2018 Update: Former speaker of the House, John Boehner, just joined the board of Acreage Holdings. He was vehemently against any laws legalizing cannabis. However, he says that he sincerely had a change of heart regarding legal cannabis. Nonetheless, he is extremely influential, so expect some real traction at the federal level. Check out our new video.

  2. I'm not a Sessions fan by any means , but having worked for,the federal government, I too understand that he , hopefully , Is pushing the issue of the law so that Congress will have to change it. The Law Enforcement agencies can not change laws ,themselves . Only Congress can . I truely believe , in my limited education of law making , that Sessions is in a position that he is actually forcing the Congress to change things. It's a game that has been played all thru federal policy's .

  3. So, what does everyone think? Congressman Rohrabacher is very optimistic. And the facts Senator Tillis is seriously considering discussing legalization is very positive. Did AG Session mean to do This? Or did his actions of rescinding the Cole Memo backfire?

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