2018 Cali Legal Grow * Day 60 * Sexing Males from Female Cannabis

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  1. Cool video, absolutely love your incredible personality:) Somebody ever before got word of heydominik? He's an underrated YouTuber and produces similar great videos with regards to Instagram and all that other social media stuff:) You should check him out!

  2. Hey vader just wanted to say i enjoy your channel very much your set up and technic is a growers paradise!!! Been watching a few months and will continue to do so .cheers and the best of luck to you in all your future grows!! Cheers

  3. Simply thank you Vader. I have been doing airoponic cloning for 5years the next time you leave clones in the unit too long and transplant to soil mist the plant and add a dome this will aid with transplant shock Keep up the phenomenal work

  4. Aloha Vader and Gang! Wow all caught up, back to real time videos now yippee, that week I spent off playing Landlord got me behind, which sucks as I love watching the dallies as they come out even if we are a couple days behind the real time happenings, at least in our virtual world we are current. Damn, Astro Chimp, now I'm rambling

  5. Aloha! Why do you produce/use only regular seeds? Is there a catch? p.s. Your channel is very informative, keep it up. Greetings from Slovenia!

  6. Aloha!
    Vader i have a question for you. I have been a long time watcher of your uploads and have been searching lately for some information that you may have mentioned in a previous episode but am unable to find it. Question is, how often do you flood your trays in Veg and Flower and for how long?

  7. Hey vader, love what u and the team are doin at ocean grown, i personally have nothing but ocean gear in my garden. But i was recently asked by a close family member if could grow a cbd strain for them. Ive been having trouble finding a reputable source to find seeds for cbd strains and/or that is willing to ship to Massachusetts. Do u or any team members have any suggestions on quality breeder selling seeds that could help me out. Thanx in advance.

  8. Question answered with a side by side on topping and defoliation!  Love the in-depth examples of the male vs female.  Ive most likely thrown out females seeing the little ball and not waiting for it to get larger or in the example throw out pistils.

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