Why Does Smoking Cannabis Feel Different After Taking Psychedelics?

During the after credits of ATTMind Ep. 62, I asked Joan her thoughts on why smoking cannabis feels different after taking psychedelics. I also shared my own …


  1. Interestingly enough, I got mild OEV's the first time I smoked weed. I saw this psychedelic mandela that was superimposed on top of my normal field of vision. It was actually very similar to the effect at the end of this video, except that it was so mild in intensity as to be easily overlooked.

  2. Acid has definitely changed weed for me. I took three mediocre sized hits of a dap pen 1 day ago after having a 2 week break. I was on the couch high out of my mind with a pillow on top of me. I soon became confused about my boundaries and was trying to figure out where I ended and the pillow started and as I was trying to explain to my friend what was happening to me I stopped mid-sentence because I simply couldn't figure out how to explain things. Afterward, my body seemed like it was numb and i was touching myself trying to feel to not go further down whatever that was happening to me. My forehead felt like it was about to pop like some kundalini shit, but who knows if that stuff is actually real or not. I've never had ego death but this sure sounded like i was about to. But with weed tho? Also that car ride home i looked at the clock and it was 2:22AM and a temp of 77 for the driver and passenger! hmmmmmmmm lol

  3. Cannabis has always felt psychedelic for me and I tried it before doing any psychedelics, so it really depends on the person I think. Same thing happens to my brother and he’s never tried psychedelics.

  4. I've been smoking weed since I was 12. I never had any sort of tolerance break up until 2 months ago. I've experienced mushrooms maybe around 10-15 times, lsd about 5-10, nbome 4 times, and mdma 3 times. All throughout I was smoking heavily. The other day, during this first ever tolerance break, I decided to take a big dab. It completely catapulted me into a psychedelic headspace. I was having all these memories come to my mind at once, my vision opened like I've never had it open on weed before, and my thoughts were forced into the thoughts I get on trips. It shook me up to say the least. I realized at that moment just how truly open I had become.

  5. I can totally relate to what you are saying James. I have super psychedelic experiences now with weed than ever before and that's after years of journeying with aya and not touching the green stuff for so long. Now I find myself to be able to access similar type realms and energetic releases from smoking weed every two weeks. I had wondered if increasing frequency of usage would diminish it but it remains quite consistent. So, it's challenging for me to just get high around friends anymore. I need to real consolidate my energy in order to stay composed and not go too internal with it. In fact I feel weed is helping me come down from being so high with excessive aya usage. It's proving to be very therapeutic for my IBS as well. I'm completely changed my mind on weed since I used to be so against it and followed spritual dogma from my teachers who thought it was a gateway to demonic entities jumping you psychically opening up holes in the etheric. Non-sense. Such BS. I'm going with my feelings nowadays and this feels right in every way. : )

  6. "Right here, Right now" I've been saying that for years!!!!! Lol!!! Please come to my channel, I'd like to introduce myself 🙂 I've recently got the courage to post videos of my growth. My experience with 17 years of Meditation and the doors I've been opening since my first encounter with cubes… I smoke, eat , and drink cannabis every day. I've never felt different Smoking after a trip. However, Everytime I do a serious trip with structure environment, Meditation, Meditation music, I keep remembering I'm telling myself "Jimmy you need to stop smoking cannabis!" I'm not really sure why I say that to myself, because I really enjoyed my smoke lol

  7. Completely agree. I am fond of the method of taking a tolerance break for a short while, then ingesting copious amounts in one sitting. After lsd I noticed a difference but especially after mushrooms and dmt. In that sitting I can go to an almost full blown psychedelic headspace. I recently went on a 5g mushroom trip and had a vision of a new neuropathway being generated. This was after listening to Paul Stamets speak about neurogenesis. Since then I swear that cannabis has been teaching me more and has opened up new doors of perception with every use thus far.

  8. i think i agree with what you're saying about you brain chemistry and neural pathways are alter by these compounds, and this creating a wider range of perception when ingesting cannabis. my experiences with taking cannabis have been altered in they way that i am more aware of my introspection and i go deeper on this path. granted the cannabis is increased greatly in quality with equates to higher potency. As well as selective breeding which creates terpene profiles which effect the highs. when i smoke it definitely feels more like a trip then a daze of how it used to feel. this could also been due to my age now as compared to the past. its almost hard to explain how it is different from how i used to feel, but it is noticeable.

  9. Thank you for sharing this. I haven't explored how others feel about cannabis after a psychadelic trip. I am glad to hear that I am not imagining the awareness and insight I am receiving through cannabis in the aftermath of my trips. I feel like I can more easily meditate myself into almost a psychedelic state with the use of cannabis….I am more aware of synchronicities in life and my mind just overall feels more alive and aware of the magic that happens around me on a daily basis. I am enjoying this journey. 🙂

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