1. Wow, that's probably the first time I've seen you stoned that quick and actually put something down…lol. I've watched all your videos and I know you have a high tolerance….that says a lot about that weed. Thx.

  2. Only time i tried anything like this was some Rasta homegrown Island Sativa on Nevis, Caribbean…..thing with pure sativas like this is they tend to be environment specific and ya looking at up to 20 weeks flowering…..not really suitable to indoors………but pure organic, outdoor sativa is a taste & buzz that most true connoisseurs are missing from their collection today……a total different high & terpene profile from anything that's mass available today

  3. Brings me back to one time I got to try Oaxacan back in the late '70's as well. Smoked it in a calabash driving my "76 Saab with my wifes' cousins. Blew my fuckin' doors off!!. Two times in 51 years I actually tripped was on this and the very first time I smoked real Thai-stick. Actually scary at times.

  4. Hey JJ! Real sativa are fluffy…REAL ONES! So for me it is normal! Breeders cross sativa with indica to increase buds density! Lucky JJ! I turn mad watching you guys have so much choices while we only have low quality here!
    Have a lifted one

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