War on Weed, Offensive Speech, Cult of Trump | Overtime with Bill Maher (HBO)

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  1. I will always resent big media for producing this fake characterization of what "left" is when these sources are routinely disinterested in anything outside of pure greed interests and this left is its opposition they intentionally dominate and frame the narrative and feed people lies. How about we stop allowing these fucking douchebags dominant control of the narratives? Because I am so sick and tired of people using faked talking points and pretend versions as the "facts"

  2. Hey Bil how are those Red Shoes made out of Human skin working in ?? Feel Good ?? You wont be needing them in Guantanamo, when all those " crazy" judges as you put it, that Trump put in, will put you and your baby eating friends away forever and a day !! Sick and Evil !!

  3. Don't people commenting here get tired of labelling!?! "Left idiots said … ", "Right idiots said … " Just fucking listen to one another for a change. Many of you commenting here are doing exactly what you are criticizing the other side for. Good point, chbrules … but the "progressive blowhards” retort is exactly the kind of reaction you criticize in the other side. Both sides will have to stop labelling the other, and realize that both are distraught by what is happening in society, before they can listen to one another.

  4. Jordan Peter contradicts himself here.
    With his question he implies that offence and arguments should be seperated as mixing them would not only lead to a futile cycle of insults but also might drift people apart, whereas the purpose of argument or debate is to make your point understandable to the opposition.

  5. Trump is a dictator. Thanks trumpanzees. Btw where TF are they now? They've all gone silent, except a few deranged ones still on Fox news comment section.

  6. Damn, Alex Wagner nailed Peterson's position. Either liberals are too politically correct, or they are too incorrect, too dismissive, towards Trump voters. You cannot have both, as Peterson tried. Good point Alex Wagner!

    PS For what it's worth, I think there is zero chanceDemocrats will win over hardcore Trump fans.

  7. Lol "This is not like other Republican presidencies" – the go-to phrase of Democrats since the early 1950s. I'm willing to bet my left nutsack that future Democrats will say the next Republican president after Trump is "even worse than Trump" – just like they did with Bush Jr, Bush Sr, Reagan, etc.

  8. Everyone famous does this with every President that majority of the country disagrees with on either side. It makes for great publicity in any form to just throw out insults for an applause or more followers versus trying to provide a solution to the overall problem.

    Despite your feelings (and I'd say this to the people he didn't like Obama or Bush Jr), you should learn to hold your President accountable for what your country that you live in needs to be resolved first. But, nobody wants to have an honest conversation about the real problems in this country because God forbid resolutions are created and we don't have to keep debating about the same sh*t every 10 years to win a popularity contest on social media or a campaign for any public position.

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