1. Well, there is one other impairment the woman who caused the accident had, namely, she was a woman driving a car.

    And before anyone calls me a misogynist, or worse, it would be nice if some of these various organizations who constantly come up with endless statistics would do a simple study on how many vehicle accidents are the fault of women drivers.
    I would bet money that, statistically, women are FAR more likely to cause vehicle accidents than men, with all other factors being equal.

    Of course such a study will probably never take place, since it would be quickly labeled as being an "outrage" and whatever else.

    This is a simple truth that society has long been conditioned to ignore. Yeah, lets blame the accident on anything other than a clueless dingbat who escaped from the kitchen.
    Go ahead and laugh, but anyone who thinks that, statistically, women aren't responsible for more vehicle accidents, is living in a dreamworld.

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