UK Cannabis Legalisation 2018 Personal Views – Explicit

So, whilst I’m not usually a political activist, the whole argument about the legalisation of cannabis, especially medicinal cannabis oil in the UK is really starting to …


  1. Fully agree with you mate my dad has MS and it's helping him. it's understandable that it's not allowed for recreational use but it should be legal for medical purposes the UK are missing out on a lot of money and less deaths due to life threatening diseases

  2. I am with you on this mate, these prescribed oils are usually cannabinol oils that aren't psychoactive so the argument I keep hearing about the negative psychological effects is completely incorrect. People with MS, chronic joint pain and as you said epilepsy have seen major improvements, I was hearing on the radio the day before yesterday that a guy with MS can now walk without being as physically exhausted as before after receiving the oil. People have documented this stuff and researched the effects, I don't know why the government is so narrow minded. Another thing as well, people need urgent medical care from binge drinking but I have rarely heard of someone needing the hospital after a binge smoke sesh. I'm glad someone is coming out and saying it for what it is.

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