Stoner Tips – How To Pass Any Drug Test (Get THC Out of Your System)

Ayy guys, in this video I talk about how to get THC out of your system and pass a drug test! Good luck, let me know if this helps! If it did or you liked the video, …


  1. Q-carbo works fine it's a detox that comes in a 16 oz and a 32 oz depending on the size of your body you can get it at smoke shops and any GNC or health food stores because it's sold as a detox cleaner for the body

  2. This nigga really just said a gram a day could stay in your system for a couple months bruh I smoke a gram the second I wake up not including the 10+ blunts Thé smokes in a day my body’s probably made out of thc by now

  3. Keep the fake pee in your sock for a little bit, and when you go to pee, pretend to untie your shoe and pull it out. Then use it. You can use deluded apple cider vinegar, or shit tons of coffee, or shit tons of asparagus. Anything that will make your pee stink works, because that stink is it flushing your system.

  4. A gram a day…….light weight…..i have only been smoking cannabis for about 5 months…i only smoke high quality cannabis with higher THC levels….of course its for medicinal purposes but i will normally have 3 to 5 grams a day….of course i dont have to worry about drug testing because i was forced medically to retire, so now i just smoke whenever i want however much i want…as for passing a piss test for THC…lasix and lots of lemon water will flush a system out…like i said i smoke 3 to 5 grams a day and with my medical issues and medication i have to go in once a month to my doctors and have lab work and testing done and THC has never showed up in my lab and test results and i know that they test for it as well as opiates and barbiturates because of my medication

  5. FYI. THC is stored in fat cells. So the more body fat you have and the more you smoke (also higher potency ) the longer it takes to flush out. Some people might take 4 months to pee clean.

  6. Best way to pass a drug test is just don't smoke a week prior to getting tested. That simple. People are so stupid smoking when they know they have a test coming up. When I was on probation I didn't smoke one time and here's what's funny and stupid I never got tested not once but it's better to be safe than sorry.

  7. I need help. Someone please respond. Ok so my friend got some new wax and he said it was strawberry banana flavored so I smelled it and I felt it in my nose and my throat. Is it in my system? If it is how long is it in there for? I have a drug test for a job coming up.

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