Social Media Addiction | My Experience

In this video, I share my subjective experience with social media addiction also known as a process addiction. Help support this channel: If …


  1. I think the over-gratification thing is very real. People just place their whole self-worth in social media pictures and actions. People get so many likes that they feel like they don't need to study and care about anything else. You know what I mean.

  2. What you said about people comparing themselves is so true. I'm in college right now and i follow all these people on Instagram who travel and go to festivals. They have all these friends and i'm over here broke, doing homework and no friends. Its like i'm watching these people become their best selves while i sit here with my depression. It is a real thing and today i took the step and deleted the Instagram app. I'm not sure for how long i will be doing this, but i'm tired of sitting here wanting to become my best self but i fill my time and energy being jealous of other people. Thank you for your channel, these videos are very helpful

  3. And no one understands why I deleted all my social media accounts! I wish more people would realize that something as simple as an app CAN impact you in negative ways like this. I hope more people get to see this video man, good work

  4. i'm glad i made a decision when i was 15 to stay away from social media. too many of my friends struggle to keep their phones away, even when eating a meal at a restaurant.

  5. Hi CG Kid, new subscriber here. I’m so glad I found your channel. Although I have never been a drug addict (aside from nicotine and caffeine) I find your candid viewpoints on said subjects quite intriguing.

    It’s funny how there seems to be more of a stigma based around what you are addicted to as opposed to the addiction itself. I have been addicted to food in the past and wouldn’t dare tell anyone for the fear of embarrassment. After all, it’s just food, right? I mean you quit eating when you’re full, it’s not that hard.

    Perhaps there’s not much understanding that anything can become an addiction to those who have addictive personalities. Very happy you are shedding some light on the subject.

    Much Love,

  6. Thank you for this. I really struggle with this, too. For me it's youtube, that seems to be one of my cryptonite. I just like it a little too much. Posting this comment under a youtube video is kind of ironic. Love your content! Your doing the right thing. All the best for you.

  7. Excellent as usual. Thanks for creating the awareness. Social media is not the devil but it can definitely interfere with important goals. The way you explained it is brilliant. I will put $10 in for you to support your wonderful work. Keep it up!! You’re great. I love the fact that you only want to talk about stuff that you’ve experienced yourself.

  8. At some point you have to acknowledge that just because something turns on the reward system you were born with doesnt mean you have an addiction. It's ok to feel good about getting a notification or two or whatever, at what point is that an addiction, just because you can hypothetical create a sequence of events where it was unproductive doesnt mean its a bad thing. I can see how some people probably have an over-reaction with their reward system to notifications on social media, but thats a rare, like a genetic mutation. It's more likely that people will feel "shamed" about spending time on social media, which again is a natural thing, you'll just confuse them and create guilt feelings with these thought processes.

  9. Hey bro please give your views on lsd. I am lsd & weed addict. Havent tried anything else. N i m a bipolar with general anxity disorder thanx to lsd. I would like to hear your opinion on lsd n whether i should explore more psychedelics like dmt psilocybin 2cb ketamine mescaline. And i tried lsd in rc form like 1p lsd and eth lad . So please give your views on these rcs if possible thank you.

  10. In a video you did a while back you said nitrous oxide can cause wet brain and permanent brain damage. Balloons are becoming more and more popular and socially acceptable in the UK. Can you do a video on balloons in the future?

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