1. Colbeck and Calley are the best candidates. I don’t know where Calley stands on constitutional carry as that is a very important issue!

    I will vote for whoever passes a constitutional carry bill!

  2. More research, really? the government has laws preventing public money from going to marijuana research so what you ask is a red herring. You do not care what the research says, but even so alcohol and smoking tobacco are just as bad if mot worse and both are still legal. So why is it you don't like marijuana? jim.

    Im sorry im so hard on them, its just they deserve it

  3. He (trump) cut taxes for the 1% you douchebag. Me, my dad, and my mother have seen almost no increase in our wages. A 3 trillion dollar tax cut and we see a couple more cents in our envelope each week. Screw you bill.

  4. Here are the anti marijuana puppets who lie about it…. RIP to your election because you refuse to listen and accept all the science that has been provided since the early 2000's. "what kind of cancer does it cause" You should not be a politician with that third grade DARE bullshit…..As for employers drug testing make it so that marijuana is off the the list of substances they test for. The problem with medical marijuana is that employers do not SEE IT AS A MEDICINE and will not hire you. I am a veteran who was injured and pot helps with my pain however I cannot use it if I wish to be employed even if I have a medical card. So my options are suffer, smoke and be unemployed, or use opioids my doctor prescribes me and have a high risk of addiction. The law prevents this SO FIX IT already!!!

  5. So republicans want to ban weed and the best democrat we have shri thanedar wants to ban assault rifles. When are we going to say enough is enough and start completely ignoring politics and the laws these scum pass? .

  6. Lt. Governor Calley uses Bill Schuette's history of anti-medical marijuana actions while Attorney General against him: SChuette has been "fighting against the will of the voters" and "keeping patients from the medicine they need." Also: Cannabis "may have a role to play in defeating the opioid addiction epidemic."- Calley

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