1. I can promise you that the strong desire for cigs will absolutely go away. It's hard to say when. I think it's different for everyone, and happens gradually, so there won't be a moment when you're suddenly like, "Oh, the cravings are gone now!". The big thing you and I need to remember is how early in our quits we are. There is so much that we have felt and gone through in the first few days, that it can ruin the perspective. It's only been a few days (EPIC days lol), and it's undoubtedly going to get better. I feel like you have your rationale for quitting so clear in your head, your health, your money, your husband. If you haven't read "The Easy Way to Stop Smoking", you should go into the playlist on my channel called Toolbox and listen to it. It's only 5 hours total, and gives you one more tool to give you a leg up on your quit. It gets rid of the brainwashing that we have about what the cigs ever did for us. If you can deconstruct the habit rationally, you don't feel like you're depriving yourself or missing out on anything. Cigarettes never did anything for you but relieve the desire to replace nicotine in your system, in doing so, it just continues the desire when the nicotine leaves the system again. It's just a terrible cycle, and the only way to actually satisfy the cravings is to end them altogether by breaking the cycle. One cigarette or puff will never be enough. You probably know all that. Sorry if I'm being annoying. Anyway, I'm so freaking happy that you've made it so far. Stay strong. I know you can do this.

  2. Hi Angela,

    I've watched all of your videos, and I intend to continue! As Aerosmith would say, "I don't wanna miss a thing."

    I hope you'll consider turning your camera on it's side so we can see more of you

    I wish you success!

  3. No, you do not always have a craving on your mind for the rest of your life. Lol if you still are just be patient because it will go away very soon. Believe me if you quit before you encountered health problems you are lucky. Just stay quit it gets easier.

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