1. I’m finishing up research for a DXM overview, so that should be released next or after one more video. Because I’m splitting my time between The Drug Classroom and other work, it takes a while to put together overviews of bigger substances like DXM. That won’t always be the case, but for now there are some limitations on how fast I can release content.

  2. Please do a video on the different kinds of cannabis like distillates or edibles. As legal or semi-legal vendors offer an increasing diversity of novel options, many people are curious but confused. That would be quite relevant and would draw the interest of people who might otherwise not encounter your channel.

  3. Hey Seth, could you cover Klonopin next? I feel like that’d be a really good one to go over, I’ve been hoping for a video on that for a few months, so hopefully you do. Barely any of my friends knew much about it but used, and I like sending your videos to friends interested in substances. I think given that it’s a kinda known in the drug scene yet kinda not type of drug it’d be a good idea, especially with comparing it to say a more common benzo like Xanax which drug users are more familiar with and might end up taking the same exact way.

    and keep the videos coming, longtime fan and love your objective and informative way of covering drugs, it really makes you standout.
    I love psychedsubstance but you’re easily the most informative drug channel. You deserve a lottt more subs for going so in-depth and being so educational. Thanks for the videos and I hope you’re having a good day

  4. A+ Professional videos Seth, very helpful for people wanting to know what they are getting into! You've probably saved some lives, seriously. Could you please do a video of secobarbital? Trust me, it's still out there

  5. Hey, I love your videos, but there is one aspect of drugs that you and most people don't mention often: the "come down" or withdrawal symptoms (what someone will feel/experience if they stop using the drug or once the drug's effect wears off.

    I think this piece of information can be pretty important in some cases.

  6. do choralbuterol i made some its so easy to make, after a couple of days of using it i found it is disgusting, with a headache that lasts days you can think normal but can't walk or talk straight. anyway still feeling it and it sucks.(there's a reason it's so easy to make be isn't because it is horrible be warned)

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