Nasal Septum Mobilization for Instant Sinus Drainage – Dr Alan Mandell, DC

Here is a very powerful healing technique you’ve probably never seen. Motion is the most important foundation to the body. When we lack motion, we lack …


  1. Thanks so much I have been so congested with either allergies or a cold and as soon as I did this I felt a change in my sinuses and I was getting more air through my nose. Hopefully it’ll keep getting better over the next 15 mins!

  2. Feeling so much better after trying it. Thank u we,ve been going tru "The August winds" in South Africa with so much dust that my sinuses was block and was in pain this technique help .thank u.

  3. wow, i just tested this out even though i don't have a cold or anything right now, and i feel like so much more air is coming through my nose? amazing

  4. I feel immediate changes in my ability to breathe. My ear itches and feels like things are moving inside my head/cheek/ear. Is this normal?

    I have had sinus surgeries and chronic sinus headaches my entire life.

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