1. As someone with mild Tourettes (Not nearly as bad as this guy), marijuana significantly helps reduce them. I don't know why or how it's so effective, but while under the influence of the drug I'll get only around 10-20 tics (which is a lot less considering)

  2. And weed is bad for you how exactly? In this world you can go to prison for a long time if you're caught smoking it yet booze,which fucks up your liver and fucks up you in general, is legal? Studies have shown us that weed enhances your senses and lifts your creativity higher than when you're sober. How do you think Shakesphere came up with all those stories also the thousands of legendary music artists out there like Mozart? It's natural with no chance of overdosing but still illegal in most states? SMH..

  3. Can you perhaps tell me where I can see the full version of this? Is it some sort of documentary? I'm just really interested in the medical benefits of cannabis, I have seen it work miracles before. To see a man struggling so hard with this awful condition get so much relief from smoking a joint is just amazing. Thank you for sharing!

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