Key signs to tracking marijuana grow houses

Key signs investigators use to tracking marijuana grow houses. ◂ The ABC Action News app brings you the latest trusted news and information. ABC Action …


  1. You know you people make me sick you will talk about everything but what's really going on, why don't you talk about GMO food is that harming people yes it's murdering people talk about fluoride water what it dose , it kills people eventually kills them, but you wanna talk about some m********** that is growing marijuana for hes health and marijuana ever kill anyone , NO well let me tell you buddy it f***** save lives so go f** off. It treated cancer treats children and adults for seizures stops it in its tracks go f… yourselves you stupid propaganda m************. Who paid you talk about marijuana growers ha big pharma maybe.

  2. Weed should be legal. I'm sick of my tax money being used for this bullshit. Legalize weed and let people grow and smoke it. Who fucking cares.

  3. Stealing electricity:
    If electricity comes from the powerlines (not meter inbetween) that's stealing from the utility company.
    If electricity is from a neighbor (e.g. outdoor outlet) that is stealing from a customer: your neighbour.
    You can't steal electricity from thousands or millions of customers. Why? You're not using their electricity because it didn't go through their meter.
    Typical bullshit 'stealing from you'

  4. Oh I'm just looking for signs of a grow house near me of course there would be a lot of negative comments that doesn't like the video not comments I mean thumbs down video because we like weed we want to grow it and be free and be hippies and potheads and whatever. I'm sorry but I'm okay with pot I'm okay with whatever you do in your house but I do not want a drug house near me with kids running outside know that brings in violence no thanks

  5. Fucking douchebags from the newscasts the sheriff and the electric company are butthurt and want to arrest people who are trying to make a living and sell cannabis for people who are sick.

  6. oh right they don't like stealing-well how about 'they' justifying that electricity has always been free especially since teslas works were STOLLEN BY THEY- and theeeey think that it's fair to bleed us on power costs lol lmao
    what hipocracy this world contains 🙁

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