1. This clip makes me fucking cry. As already mentioned by someone in the comments – we all fucking love you, Richard and I mean it in the most sincere way. Wiping my fucking tears here…look what you did to me, Mixmag)

  2. ..Aphex is beyond us. his sounds deserve to survive this world.. 6:55 in 'St. Michael's Mountain' is the greatest piece of electronic music that i am aware of. The absence of sound is more like a discovery rather than a crearion..

  3. Excited for that new EP, Collapse has be reliving some Druqks complexity. You can always tell who is and isn't a fan when someone goes "Oh yeah Aphex Twin they are awesome."

  4. The untold story of Aphex Twin, heard from a reliable source, is that he was a teenager who wasn't interested in being a music maker, but a wannabe hacker and proto-troll. He bought samplers and synthesizers for ferris bueller reasons and he had really big speakers and would open his windows to annoy his neighbors with the weirdest sounds possible that was a piss take of techno and rave music because he was a spastic – listen to the elephant song and the 80s era tracks from his soundcloud dump for examples. One of his mates heard his stuff and told him it was trendy and cutting edge and he didn't believe him but he was badgered into releasing his first records. It was only after that his following exploded and he started making music with the intention of other people listening to it.

  5. But if we don’t talk about electronic music, how does it get shared and heard? I like telling my friends about instrumentals I find a cool and why they stick out to me. If there’s texture in a song or some unique instrument in there or the mixing of the song is next level or the bassline makes me feel something spiritual, I want to tell someone about it somehow. Maybe not go into full blog-post detail since i don’t know every musical term, but express my feelings about it to maybe get someone else to hear it. I think there’s a conversation there for electronic music but I can how it can turn sour pretty quick.

  6. My dad first introduced me to Aphex Twin When I was a kid back in the 90s, I've been listening to him daily ever since my favorite IDM producer of all time. Absolute brilliant.

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