How Does Your Body Absorb Weed? Smoking vs Edibles

Whether people are smoking or having edibles the question comes up how does your body absorb weed? Your body absorbs cannabis differently when you are …


  1. Eating is much stronger, the liver produces something else also with gives a great whole body feeling that last 4 to 8 hour, I will never smoke it again, for nicotine I vape, so that and a bit of hashish faintly more than a joint worth, in the microwave with a knob of butter for 20 seconds, spread it on a piece of bread and your great or will be after an hour!

  2. I dont even want to think of my worst edible experience but it was as a passenger in a long car ride after 150 mgs and 80% co2 extract cartage, I had a panic attack and even with the driver sober I couldn't hang. I will never again let myself get back to that point because it wasn't a fun drive. I learned my lesson though, I now microdose and find I enjoy it so much more for edibles… 2.5mgs is about perfect for edibles

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