Curious Beginnings | Critical Role | Campaign 2, Episode 1

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  1. why does critical role always use so many damn players. its too many. This is two full parties worth of people. They are constantly stepping on each other, it forces them to play at a frenetic pace to get everyone in. It's not relaxing at all to watch people playin when its like they only have 2 seconds each to speak.

  2. I must do a story! I had a 1e game that I was playing in, and I had an assassin with 18 strength and five wisdom, and him and the party were invited in with druids for the night. The entire day, my assassin was pointing his crossbow at people, ready to shoot pretty much anyone; he was jittery as hell, and wary that the druids would try to kill him. He spotted that a pair of them had swords hidden under their robes, and he had his eyes trained on them for a decent while. Once all of the party were supposedly asleep (we were all faking sleep) all of the fake-druids brought out their weapons and started firing down arrows at the party! Sure enough, my assassin took out two with his crossbow, the druid took out three, the rest of our party tied up some of them, and the leader of the fake-druids seemed to be unaffected by weapons! Turns out he had an enchanted ring so that we couldn't see his wounds. The fake-druid leader had cast a slow spell, and of course, since my assassin had eighteen strength, my assassin picked up a crate and forced it into the man's face. One of the best moments in all of D&D for me.

  3. The first fourteen minutes are a real slog . . . just an extended advertisement for sponsors, themselves, etc. After sitting through that my enthusiasm for this has just gone. I'll come back and watch the remainder another time.

  4. you guys should get that seventies intro onto the third season of Stranger things before it airs, i'm pretty sure that if people learn that this is actually real and there's such a vast community out there, the increase in popularity would spike immensely! i think in this day and age, it would be a gateway for a lot of people to lay down their phones and do something truly amazing in their life!

  5. Damn son!! Your name is Taliesin. That's such a baller fucking name son. I love it. Dude was my favorite Medusan Lord from a dead CCG called Warlord: Saga of the Storm. I believe there is also a tabletop rpg called Warlords of the Accordlands.


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