1. I was just diagnosed with COPD 4 days ago and feel I was basically thrown to the wolves by my Dr. I received a phone call from office staff about my diagnosis and a prescription for an inhaler over the phone and it left me feeling really scared and worried, so thank you for your videos they have helped me a lot in the last couple days.

  2. My quit date is tomorrow. Perfect timing to see this video. Thank you! I’ve been Dx’d with copd for over a year, but kept smoking. I had 5 or more exacerbations in that year. It felt continuous, with rounds of antibiotics and steroids every time. My Pulmonary Dr added 2 more breathing meds (that makes 5 now), but told me that if I continue to smoke that the meds won’t save me from rapidly progressing. I’m 44, but have a 64 year pack history. He told me I’m young to be put on full-time steroids, but if I don’t quit smoking I’ll have to consider it. I have to quit and stop wasting time. This video is inspiring and seeing you live an active and fulfilling life in your videos gives me hope and hope is priceless so thank you for sharing!

  3. I quit smoking 10 years ago….I had Arm surgery & was told if i smoke my healing would be slow so I just quit…i never touched another cigarette & I think how did I ever do that habit? I had taken a test of what kind of smoker I was & it said I was a bored smoker….which was true.

  4. Hello Barbara:

    Congratulations on your five year quit.
    I am going to attach a number of resource pages addressing different issues you raised here. I am pretty much attaching them in the order you first brought up specific topics. You may not agree with two of the pages–the ones addressing the cutting down techniques you described. While it worked for you it is a method that has a very poor success rate for most people who try it. I think you will relate to the other pages though.
    The last two pages I am going to attach are ones that I think are important for all former smokers to see–for they are covering relapse prevention issues. Smokers who are off years and even decades can lose their quits if they fail to understand the grip nicotine can take if ever allowed back into the system.
    You will see that I have a lot of resources online to help people wanting to quit. All of the materials are free. My basic feeling is quitting smoking should cost people nothing. If you or your viewers ever have any questions on topics regarding smoking or quitting please don't hesitate to get in touch.



  5. I will be smoke free in August for 5 yrs. The reason why was my respirtory system shut down and they called it ARDS. In the hospital for 30 days,6 days in a coma. When I got out I never smoked again.However , I do miss it but it is not worth it. I do enjoy watching people esp. women smoke. Love you! xo

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