Colorado sheriff speaks out about black market marijuana

Sheriff Elder of Denver, Colorado shares insight on ‘The Ingraham Angle’ about how marijuana legalization has impacted organized crime in his state.


  1. Legal grows should be made to give there plants something that makes it change to a specific color when tested by the police and if you get busted with weed that does not match that color you get charged with possession of a controlled substance ….and the only way to get the stuff is to be licenced by the fed. Gov. And purchase it from them.

  2. There will always be criminals in every industry. The problem with Cannabis is that there still aren't enough legal weed growers across the country. This dilemma creates a huge profit margin for the illegal growers. Trump is going to sign the bill to legalize cannabis and this will inevitably cause prices to drop, especially if more people can grow it in a responsible way.

  3. So…you legalize a PLANT which grows just about anywhere (there is a reason they call it WEED) and you expect users to PAY HIGH TAXES for it rather than grow it in the woods behind their house? LOL

  4. This is the biggest crock of shit I’ve seen this week. I’m in Kansas & unfortunately this bullshit Bible Belt State will probably be one of the last to wise up. But make no mistake, people everywhere are finally seeing the lies about marijuana that have been told for decades now. It’s going to finally be legal everywhere soon and it’s about time. Get ready for massive losses big pharma and DuPont. It’s hopefully going to cure the coming wave of new heroin addicts created by pharmaceutical opioid addictions. That and the government getting into heroin smuggling now that we control most of the poppy grows in Afghanistan. Gonna be the new Iran Contra.

  5. So how does this make any sense? I believe this is made up. When was the last time you saw a bootlegger outside a liquor store trying to sell his rock gut. Like I'm going to buy a product that I have no idea whats in it as opposed to a nice bottle of Jack Daniels which is regulated and has product controls. Paaaaalease. This Sheriff is full of crap.

  6. The issue is illegal immigration, not Cannabis. Currently, and for the last ten years or more, one hundred thousand illegal aliens cross the border every month. When illegal aliens arrive, they begin having children and immediately receive cash-aid, food-stamps, medical, and college grants. Horribly enough, but true, illegals also use Social Security Numbers of law abiding United States citizens to collect Social Security benefits and retirement, which has been a thirty year problem.
    Currently there are approximately twenty million illegal aliens in the United States; the majority using false names and false Social Security Numbers. The illegal's born here that you think are legal, they are using the false name given them by their illegal parents that came here using false names and false Social Security Numbers.

  7. So either they're delibaretly trying to convey a false message or they're just completelly stupid! There's a blake market because of legalization and crime is rising because of legalization? Really? If u legalize something the black market will cease to exist and there will be less dealers –> less organised crime –> less drug-related crime

  8. "Now we have black market marijuana everywhere"
    Black market cannabis is cannabis just like legal cannabis. No difference. The only reason it is black market and sometimes in the hands of cartels and bad criminals, is because it was made illegal; *it was made black market*, by the stroke of a pen.

  9. Our future is going to be nothing but pot-heads with little brain cells to function on. In the Philippines people are turning themselves in by the hundreds because their terrified to get killed by the government. The Philippines has ZERO TOLERANCE for drug users and dealers.

  10. Idiot, it's because there are still so many states where marijuana is illegal. Of course there is going to be a black market for those states. Laura Ingraham loves alcohol, so she is a huge hypocrite.

  11. I'm done with Fox News, Laura Ingram is way too out of touch with this issue, it's unbelievable. She's either too stupid to grip reality or too corrupt to be in the news business, either way I'm done watching Fox News. With Laura Ingram at the forefront of Fox News, all credibility is gone, its embarrassing. All she's doing here is showing her ignorance, stupidity and inability to change and grow wiser with the times, it befuddles me, totally! Oh, check out the likes and dislikes on this video, pretty revealing even for Fox viewers.

  12. Violent crime huh? Our Government is shooting missiles at buildings killing innocent people in the process. But a plant that was here before humans is the responsibility for all the problems in America………..O.o

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