Amsterdam Cannabis Cup July 2018 Highlights – Summertime High Times! – Smokers Guide TV Amsterdam

– MORE COMING SOON! The High Times Amsterdam Cannabis Cup, the 31st cup but the 1st in the summer. The best buds, hash, the …


  1. Pure scam. Keep your trash event and poor organized event for yourself next time, and don't invite us to pay 200€ for this shit.
    I will never return to a High Times Cannabis Cup, the others cups are better without scam.
    No free gift, no plan, not on time, no organisation, just rap rap rap.
    They are just big scammers. Don't try to show a good video it wasn't fun as that.

    They invited some celebrities for the dumb people just because the event had nothing about cannabis, it was pure garbage. But i'm not dumb.

    I contacted the mayor of Amsterdam and we will ban the next event.

  2. I have to say the whole Cup was more or less…..shit as we could have expected it if HighTimes is involved!!!
    As a judge you travel miles through the city to every shop that takes part only to found out that over 50 % of the shops didn´t even know they compete haha @TheStud they needed to call their boss to see with what they take part in the Cup?!?!
    On the other hand Barney´s Coffeshop is giving out all the samples for judges for free….and guess what they took 1place!!!

    Also the entries were not good at all…..some good weed entries like from 1eHulp and ThePlug ( Zkittles was not available on Day2)…. but come on the Import Hash!?!? Hahaha this was mostly your standard Marocan Hash… 2nd Place vor Voyager the "Atlas Hash " this was just a joke the hash was soooo bad haha how could this take any place at all!

    And for the Seed Competition almost 90 % Cali Imports won at an Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam!! This is crazy and just bad for the whole Netherland Cannabis Community! Holland should step up their game up again and HighTimes should stop making fake Cup´s!

    Avoid High Times Cup´s in the future and for a smoker Trip Amsterdam is not worth it you are better in Spain any day!!!

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