Trying to hold opioid makers accountable for lying to doctors: Texas AG

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton on President Trump calling on the DOJ to sue opioid companies and a jury ordering Monsanto to pay $289 million to a …


  1. He's a f**** idiot he just want to build the wall so he can legalize marijuana in the United States so he can make a profit off of it the medicine works is the people cannot read what the scription says every 4 to 5 hours not every 4 to 5 minutes so y'all can blame all you want on the doctors when it's the patients they're at fault and that's this b***** he's talking about he just trying to legalize marijuana to make a killing off the stock market

  2. Addicts can't get pain killers they do heroin they can't get heroin they do fentanyl. Prohibition didn't work on alcohol why would it work on anything else

  3. Doctors were told that Oxycontin Slow release was less addictive than a hydrocodone. The drug companies started producing more and more potent time released synthetic opiates they told doctors they were safer than 4-6 hour dosing. Turns out these synthetics are 50-1000 times more potent than morphine.

  4. I am one of those chronic pain patients. My pain meds have been cut in half due to this war on opioids. Typical government knee-jerk reaction is to go after law abiding citizens first. I would offer the only people qualified to recommend dosage for chronic pain patients are medical professionals who suffer from it. Politicians are the least qualified to dictate medications! “Take an aspirin and get over it” is the most bone-headed comment ever made on chronic pain.
    Also, if there is a single doctor who wrote prescriptions for opioids that didn’t know they were addictive shouldn’t have a license. Good Lord, opium funded the British Empire in the 1700s. Doctors bear the most responsibility for over prescribing. It is not drug companies alone.
    So you see it is a conundrum, prescribing enough to patients who actually need it for quality of life and over prescribing to patients who broke a bone or sprained an ankle. Blaming the drug companies is ignoring the 1000 lbs gorilla in the room.

  5. Big Pharma is in it ONLY FOR THE MONEY. These drugs cost huge dollars from legal pharmacy's, and there ARE ALTERNATIVES to opium based drugs that have NO SIDE EFFECTS, and NO DEPENDENCY but Big Pharma can not profit from these Natural remedy's, so they make people dependent on opium based drugs. FDA NEEDS TO BE RE-ORGANIZED, and current leaders FIRED. They are the 1s that are KILLING MILLIONS OF AMERICANS.

  6. I support president Trump but take manufactors to court for opioid manufacturing is not the answer. The right thing to do is go after Dr's who prescribed opioid like candy to addicts. There are disabled and terminally I'll patients who actually need opioid to function who are now having a hard time getting opoids. I myself as a person with disability and sever pain myself who chooses not to use opioid but other meds non addictive. I knew decades ago opoids are addictive. Just because addicts and a handful of bad Dr's played stupid saying they didn't know about addiction shouldn't be the reason others now suffer.

  7. Drug makers have been selling this out the back door forever, pain killers have been sold by doctors way to freely- they get prescriptions and sell it on the street. Same thing has happened with the gun makers arming the gangs in the 70's to frighten republican weak kneed supporters

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  9. Monsanto is the number one producer of genetically modified seed that is resistant to their pesticides because if it was not genetically modified the plant would die and that's our food man. Congress's found if there's no reason to Mark food is genetically modified that there is no difference or issue but I tell you if you mark food genetically modified no one will buy it. At least most people won't buy it. Monsanto is also attacking farmers where seed blow off goes into another crop of non genetic seed and Monsanto Sue's them and they lose everything. Then Monsanto buys their property and has a farmer plant their seed.

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