Trump Promises GOP Lawmaker To Protect States’ Marijuana Rights

President Donald Trump told Colorado Republican Sen. Cory Gardner that the President will support efforts to protect states’ that have legalized marijuana, …


  1. Should slavery, rape, murder, and pedophilia, be a state issue too? Marijuana is my medicine it allows me to live a full and productive healthy life. where I'm able to work. And the only harmful side effect, I've had from marijuana, is attacks from the government, federal, state, and local law enforcement, have ripped my life apart repeatedly. Because I'm guilty of seeking relief from marijuana,
    when prescription drugs affect me in a very bad way I found the answer to what I needed and it is illegal in my state. but it's legal in our Capitol Washington DC. it shouldn't be about the states, it should only be about the people that need it. the people that are suffering.. I'd say the federal government needs to protect the adult people that want to seek relief from it and any state or government official trying to support prohibition on God's miracle medication marijuana should be burned alive on national TV for the harmful selfish turmoil pain and suffering that they have forced on innocent victims. there is no reason or excuse, for what they've done. it is willful ignorance a lot of suffering for no reason. my father died from side effects from pharmaceutical drugs. the doctor in his care actually had the nerve to say, he would have benefited from medical marijuana, and that it was a shame it's illegal.. but the harmful pharmaceutical medication that killed my father was prescribed by him… And my father went through his life refusing to have anything to do with marijuana because it was illegal.

    We need to demand marijuana as a human right for all adults seeking the relief from it.. and if our demands are not met we need a civil war it's not a game we shouldn't have to suffer and wait for them to monopolize an Industry that they have murdered and put people in prison and put cancer patients in prison for smoking marijuana lots of them from 1982 and on.
    I could be working a normal job and living a productive life but I am on disability with no legal options to get my medication… and the prescription drugs are very harmful to my condition

    It's pretty pathetic and sad that the states that have legalized it for reasons like certain politicians family members and close friends ended up medically needing marijuana so all the sudden because some cocksucker politician has a family in need then they moved to legalize it. even if they were against it their entire career! but that's how this shit works no one cares unless it's affecting them. If a politician's family member needs marijuana that state suddenly gets on board and becomes legal, and usually the only condition it applies to at first is the condition that affects the politicians family member and that makes it okay for them but not for me?

    These states are not United they are divided by tyrants known as politicians, Governor's, presidents, and attorney generals they all need to be held accountable for the pain and suffering that they have forced upon the very people that feed them and pay them
    typical evil politicians
    They need to be hung on national TV and then lit on fire before their hearts stop for their lack of empathy. too ignorant to realize how many people they affect and how serious the effect is so they don't even belong on Earth.
    everything is about money and the lust for power with them this is the time to band together as a nation against tyranny and oppression.

    We came to and founded America to get away from tyrants and thieving Kings that felt that they had the right to rape and pillage and steel from their own people through over-taxation plundering and forced religion not religion of choice. now we're allowing our government to do worse this is not the land of the free you don't even own your house when it's paid off you rent it from them via property taxes that are spent on poisoning you with fluoride and pesticides on corn fields so that we can make biogas which is killing of all the bees can't you see this is a very big plan they all need tried and hung and then lit on fire before their hearts stop

  2. Some conservatives "weeds for stupid liberal hippies." Yet they dip, drink and eat McDonalds… all while getting mad at something that improves the quality of others lives.

  3. Make it legal for everyone that way the states that really give a fuck can say no . I heard its ok to say no to drugs . I'm sure it's not a big deal if states chose to keep it illegal within their borders .

  4. The Keebler ELF got to go back to neck wood Alabama,he is trying to get paid more money from private prisons to incarcerate more Negroes who smoke reffer ,it's all about his white privilege,he is a real evil man

  5. Weak.
    This will not erase outrage over the betrayal of his base by attacking Syria.
    We realize that our hopes for true representation were misguided.
    Mr President,
    Thank you for preventing Hillary from sinking the final nail.
    But this is unforgivable.
    As president, your best next move is to resign.
    Pence also, is a better choice than Hillary.

  6. This issue is symbolic of what we as Americans value on a fundamental level. If you have done any research into this topic, and legitimately understand the history and statistics of cannabis, there is ZERO excuse for you as an American not to be vehemently against cannabis remaining illegal. Learn the history, learn about the current laws, and come to your own conclusion. I'm more than confident that any educated person who takes an honest look at the valid, legitimate information (unbiased, empirical evidence) would come to the conclusion that cannabis should be legal, and should have been legal for decades now.

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