1. Canibis oil can be bought legally in the UK (and yes many MP's are CEO's of the UK company who grow and manufacture). It can be bought through Amazon under vitimins and suppliments. Doctors can prescribe this but very few are willing as there is no 'big pharma' incentive to prescribe natural herbal treatments. The so called 'hops' that is used in the making of ale is another name for canibis (hemp) but the aggressive behaviour of beer drinkers is a mystery to me and probably due to other undeclaired ingredients. Canibis is a natural herbal treatment used for thousands of years but it was demonised by declairing it as an illegal drug to make way for the huge profits of 'big pharma' with chemical 'cures' and self regulation and testing and still been allowed to manipulate it's own success rates unregulated! Sending love to you both. <3

  2. As for Charlotte Caldwell's son being denied cannabis oil is primarily because the establishment want him dead and if was freely available to others it could prevent many other thousands of deaths which intervenes with their pharmaceutical money making and depopulation agendas.

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