scottrades Cannabis Watchlist: July 29, 2018

This video is my opinion only and not investment advice. Please do your own research before making any financial decisions. Did this video help you? Consider …


  1. Hey Scott. Certain forums and media like to spread FUD over cannabis stocks, saying the time to get in was last year+ or so. In a personal opinion do you think there are "safe" companies to invest in at these prices? Do you think any companies in the sector will see ATHs this year or the next?

  2. Great video Scott! Didn’t know about WEED potentially splitting shares. If that happens, that’ll probably bring in more retail traders just because of the lower price. Definitely good news heading into the fall-winter!

  3. I'm bagholding ACB but I'm more of an investor-type. I bought at 6.95 and I plan to add to my position over the next month or so. Not a ton, but I am a believer in averaging down before legalization in October.

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