Regulate Cannabis

I can’t take it any more, I cant take medication that makes me feel this sick when I’m already dealing with an illness and I know for a fact there is natural help out …


  1. Against human right to use for natural remedies for pain relief. This is why it was created for, for humans to use while enduring pain. It will most likely solve many medical problems. Money is what govt wants from sick people, to get rich off the dying and sick. Isn’t that a shame!Unbelievable, uncaring tight as$ of govt! Let the people have their pain relief!

  2. Feel for you mate, but don't beg to these dogs, they just don't care ! I've been on all the drugs you have and if you are looking for any sense of normality to your life, you won't get it going down the pill path.

    I watched in horror the very public killing of any hope for compassion with Helen Kelly, But Helen was a Lion and she did what was needed, to achieve some level of comfort.

    It's everyone's right to stand up and fight against unjust laws, as in the case of medical Cannabis.
    Live like it's legal, you don't have the time to waste, while this bully has its foot on the back of your head, face down in a puddle.


  3. We all need it. fingers crossed the goverment sorts it out. I use it for my Depression, helps with my motivation ive been on those same meds for depression and they messed up my head. The withdrawals from them were worse than a week long hangover I grow for ppl that need it because it should be our right anyway if we want something that grows natrual they were never saving us from anything having it illegal, it's all about the money. They make too much on meds to have a wonderdrug that anyone can grow for free. I really hope the government wises up for your sake and everyone else that really needs it for pain, mental health etc. Good Luck Man

  4. im here for support, its been a good year and a half ive been off pharmaceutical medication i was on anti depressants which made things so much worse i was a zombie to my kids, i also suffer from endometriosis which left me crippled in pain monthly to the point i was bed bound in tears only to be given Tramadol which didn't even help! then i got told i was epileptic! no way was i taking those drugs with god knows what in them!! us nzers deserve the right to self medicate naturally if we choose we shouldn't have to worry about going to jail or whatever theres so many people that use and so many people that are afraid to say something the government needs to do something about it now there are people out there that would highly benefit the natural medication its got so much going for it and can help so many people in need plus its good for the eco system

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